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    The PS5 will be released sometime later this year, we can guess perhaps November time if we look at the PS3 and PS4 release dates, but we also have to take in the current pandemic that is gripping the world, so the release may be delayed slightly. We won’t actually know anything until Sony reveal the console to us. They have revealed their newly designed control pad and that is what we will be focusing on in this competition. The control pad for the PS5 is called DualSense and looks quite different to various models of PlayStation control pads going all the way back to they PS1, to celebrate the reveal and the future release I am holding a competition to give one of these control pads to someone as soon as they go on sale, I would love to give away the entire console, but financially that is not possible for me. All you have to do for a chance to win, is: 1.) Be a member of the forum. 2.) Comment below what you are most looking forward to on the PS5. The winner will be chosen via random number generator. The winner will be chosen on the consoles release date. This competition is in no way affiliated with Sony or PlayStation...
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    Tools Required: IDA Pro or Ghidra with proper ps4 loaders / tools (i'll be using IDA Pro 7.x with balika's loader for this) Hexeditor of choice (I Use HxD) Flatz's required functions, They are as follows: 7CxI50-xlCk +OnbUs1CV0M xmhnAoxN3Wk pMxXhNozUX sometimes they have underscore behind them so: _7CxI50-xlCk _+OnbUs1CV0M _xmhnAoxN3Wk _pMxXhNozUX eboot of the game you want to fix (for example fifa 20) in ELF format, NOT FSELF! The process: Load your eboot with IDA and balika's loader, the process will be similar to this when it finishes loading go to the pink area at the bottom (the nids) under functions window patch all these from so ff 25 72 ff 25 6a ff 25 62 ff 25 5a to 31 C0 C3 apply and your EA Eboot should work properly together with 5.05 backport tools this concludes the tutorial Credits: @flatz for the original discovery @Joonie for the implementation and POC in the scene
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    PS4 RiPKiT/Modding/Cheat/BackPort Tool By RiPPERD This is now fully working! PLEASE SEE POST #2 FOR REGULAR UPDATED INFO/REQUESTS **PLEASE ALL USERS SEE POST 2** New Info Update After V1.5 Usages of this tool: The main reason for this tool is to make RipKits (smaller game files with things riped out) this is usually language files, videos etc. However another use is users that dont know how to modify games, add cheats/mod menus, files etc now can... so with the devs/modders posting their patch files made by this tool you will be able to just click a buttom and enjoy modded games... This could be Loads of ammo... Infinite Health... Debug menus etc via either modded eboot.bin file or modded game files. PLEASE NOTE: Compressing/Making patch file may take a long time depending on your specs! The app CANNOT crash so just wait! Decompressing/Applying patch will be a LOT faster than making the patches! Again the app CANNOT crash! V2.2 UPDATE Added all other prx files supplied should now not show any errors for missing files V2.1 UPDATE made loads of changes changed to selfutil where i could only 1 button for backport now 1 click fully working from pkg to pkg added runtime files (if you download the RT version) this has dotnet and python 2.7 included for those who dont know how ignore any errors its only coz of files that are not included in your game (prx files) added more on screen stuff so you dont get bored not sure if thats all but its fully working now BACKPORT INSTRUCTIONS Backporting games: Now comes with 1 Click!! Place you PKG file into root of my app Rename it original.pkg Open my app Click BackPort Press any key a few times when asked Enjoy! What does this tool do? Its an AIO patcher to release a patch file instead of users downloading whole games again. Back in the PSP and PS3 days this is how RipKits were made... ive made it slightly different now due to windows 10 and other requirements that only work on older versions. Basic tutorial FOR DEVS (Devs are needed to make the patches) Download my app Place the game PKG file into the directory of this app and rename it to original.pkg make a copy of the game in same folder and rename it to ripped.pkg open up the modded pkg game file with other ps4 tools make any changes to the game (remove languages, add cheats etc) repack the ripped pkg file with your usual tools now run the tool with both files in same folder click MAKE PATCH wait... may take while on larger games you will now have a "patch.RiPPERD" file and a "ripped.gp4" file these are the files you share with others These files are now much smaller than previous versions FOR END USERS Download my app and the required "patch.RiPPERD" and "ripped.gp4" file for your game Place game PKG file, "patch.RiPPERD" and "ripped.gp4" into my app folder rename game pkg to "original.pkg" now run the tool with both files in same folder click APPLY PATCH wait... may take while on larger games now you will have a ripped pkg with the original file name pkg copy to usb/ps4 Enjoy! NOTES: files must be called the exact as i typed so... original.pkg ripped.pkg patch.RiPPERD ripped.gp4 ALL CASE SENSITIVE! UPDATE INFORMATION V2.2 - no more errors shown if files dont exist added all other prx files to the list V2.1 - HUGE UPDATE (See above for details) V2.0 - Major Update Added support for all prx files inside the module folder added the right.prx file now it should really do a full working pkg for you V1.9 - Major Update Reworked the whole code so now its 1 click n00b friendly too on seperate button Also fixed the code for the advanced users button V1.8 - Major Update Reworked the whole code so now its 1 click See OP for instructions V1.7 - Minor Fixes chnaged code so works seperately now no long waits for backport included UnFself.exe V1.6 - Added Feature Added 1 Click Backporting for games (i will add this to the modding buttons at later date) V1.5 - MAJOR Update Code Cleanup Massive Rework to Patch File Size Changed GUI - Added Tutorial to About Button Made it Super n00b Friendly (A Monkey could do it now) This tool can also now be used to make Modded Games, Cheats, Texture Changes... Anything really... If you mod it this will make a patch for it. DOWNLOAD HERE: (NEWEST) V2.2 https://www.mirrored.to/files/0U70IMOF/PS4_RipKit-Mod-Cheat-BackPort_Tool_V2.2_By_RiPPERD_0.rar_links https://www.mirrored.to/files/FZ9OWEDZ/PS4_RipKit-Mod-Cheat-BackPort_Tool_V2.2_By_RiPPERD-RT.rar_links V2.1 NO RUNTIME INCLUDED (.net and python) https://www.mirrored.to/files/ODP2OSQQ/PS4_RipKit-Mod-Cheat-BackPort_Tool_V2.1_By_RiPPERD.rar_links RUNTIME FILES INCLUDED TOO (.net and python) https://www.mirrored.to/files/0RQOW6FK/PS4_RipKit-Mod-Cheat-BackPort_Tool_V2.1_By_RiPPERD_RT.rar_links
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    That sounds awesome. Currently, I am not doing it full time. Got a lot going IRL. It'd be definitely a great experience collaborating with you. Thanks a lot for the offer. It's an honour. I will let you know soon hopefully.
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    Well known developer and PlayStationHaX admin @zecoxao has posted instructions that will allow you to play games that require a higher firmware on your hacked console running firmware 5.05. This is great for those of you not wanting to update to the unstable 6.72 HEN. Not sure why zecoxao decided to not post this guide on the forum, perhaps he was worried about copyright problems, so I won't post it here and instead just link to where he posted it: https://pastebin.com/9pZ6ZU67 Source:
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    For about two and a half years the latest firmware that could be exploited on the PS4 was 5.05, that all changed yesterday when reverse engineer TheFlow released his PS4 KExploit which has the potential of running homebrew and backups on firmware 7.02 I say potential because the KExploit needs a WebKit exploit to run and the latest WebKit is 6.72, so at the moment you will be able to run homebrew and backups on firmware 6.72 and you should not update past that firmware at the moment. If you are on firmware and need to update to 6.72 visit this site and grab the firmware: https://darthsternie.net/ps4-firmwares/ Or you can do this: What Does This Update Mean? You will be able to pirate play around 1500 games that you could not play on 5.05, here is a list of games and download content you will now be able to play: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1SyqZV9EgK5J1Uq-tGjSWxE3M_A4wLQalXZXxgn_CohU/htmlview?pru=AAABc1L2u7s*XmTg-mKYfdvJuHS1ieCPAQ# The other great news and my favourite bit is the potential for even more homebrew, we do have a great selection already from the likes of developer Lapy, but hopefully this update will bring out more developers to create homebrew on the PS4 and hopefully we will see the consoles very first homebrew contest. Mira has already been updated to support 6.72, so we are in for good times. One should not update their firmware quite yet, if you are on 5.05 then stay there for now, If you are on any firmware between 5.05 and 6.72, then feel free to update. Finally I would like to say thank you to TheFlow for breathing life into the PS4 scene, my personal opinions aside in regards to bug bounties, I would be dishonest to deny that this release doesn't hold some greatness for many people, I just hope we see more homebrew. Source
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    Congrats on winning, let me know in which format you want the game
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    It is hard to believe that I started this site on my own six years ago today, it started off as just a front page, then several ex PS3HaX members asked me to make a forum which I did, in that time we have seen many great achievements, PS Vita being hacked, PS4 being hacked, PS Classic, new hacks for the PS2 such as FreeDVDBoot. PlayStationHaX has had it's own achievements too, quite recently we reached a member milestone of 3000 and the sites Twitter account reached 10,000 followers, I enjoy bringing you news when I have time, I also enjoy having competitions when I have a little free money, which is why I am super happy to hold this competition to celebrate PlayStationHaX birthday: Here is to another six years
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    Since zecoxao revealed the way to downport PS4 games to 5.05 and flatz released Python scripts to automate parts of the process, many tools have arrived on the scene which help you downport 6.72 and 5.05+ games. Here's my contribution - Noob404's EZ PS4 Downporter. Using this tool, you can downport any PS4 game with just a few clicks. And, no coding or HEX editing required! 95% of the process has been automated. The trickiest part was dealing with the .prx modules as each game has a different location for the prx files and some games have prx modules that aren't found in other games. But, EZ PS4 Downported has a workaround for that too. Pre-requisites Windows Machine. Python 2.7.18. .Net Framework 4.61. Fake PKG. Download EZ PS4 Downporter https://www.mirrored.to/files/10TODRQY/Noob404_EZ_PS4_Downporter_1.0.7z_links VIDEO TUTORIAL - Downport PS4 Game using Noob404's EZ PS4 Downporter https://youtu.be/dTHoaLGuFEY How to downport any PS4 Game using Noob404's EZ PS4 Downporter Follow these steps to have a working 5.05 downported PKG within a few clicks. Extract Noob404's EZ PS4 Downporter.7z. Click on the program.exe. Click Create Required Folders. This will create 3 folders - Source, Working, Output. Copy your PKG into Source and rename it as input.pkg. (IMPORTANT) On the Program, click on Step 1. It will complete automatically. Press on any key to continue. Browse to Working > Image0 and search for prx files. Make a note of all folders which have prx files. Go to first folder eg:- sce_modules and move (CtrlX-CtrlV) all prx files to ModDgr folder in the EZ PS4 Downporter Folder. Click on Step 2 in EZ PS4 Downporter. Once complete, move the prx files (which have been downported) from ModDgr to original folder, eg:- sce_modules. Repeat the process for every folder which has prx files i.e., move prx files to ModDgr > Click on Step 2 > Move prx files back from ModDgr to original folder. Click on gengp4.exe and browse to Image0 folder. Click Generate .GP4 and then Save .GP4. Save the GP4 in the Working folder as output.gp4. (IMPORTANT) On the Downporter, click on Step 4. Wait for the PKG to compile. Progress will be shown in the CMD window. Find the downported PKG in Output folder. Run HEN on 5.05 and install and play! Noob friendly Tutorial If you want a completely noob friendly Tutorial, you can check my blog post here or watch the video above. Dealing with prx modules As already mentioned, it's a difficult part. To see what I mean, watch the video. I have automated 95% of that process too. But, in the future, I will try to completely automate the whole process. Credits zecoxao for donwporting steps. flatz for Python scripts. Fake PKG Generator Tools Team. And others....
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    pc spec doesnt matter the process just takes longer added 0 minutes later its just been fixed to work with full games todo list: work on game updates work as a patch pkg rather than entire game (only modded files)
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    That would be awesome coming your work with @noob404 SC with a new GUI one button backport. Just a note I want you to focus on it, that you gotta figure out how to extract downgrade files only from original.pkg in root folder and then create pkg downgrade. because like that I took me 5 hours to backport fifa 2020, and also takes lot of sapce. First original pkg, then extracted pkg then repacked pkg after extracted pkg gets deleted, but if you find out how to do what I told you it will lower time very much and save space Make the app target eboot.bin,param.sfo,and rpx files only so that you get about 200mb out of 40gb pkg then repack it into downgrade pkg which will be around 100-150mb only.
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    i would be up for a collab... @noob404 i prefer the 1 click method that i have though... ive seen your source codes if we mixed them up it really would do it all... you just need to use some pauses like i do and you wont need 4 buttons
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    Also you can make it a lot easier if you make your app target essential files for download eboot.bin param.sfo and rpx files make it extract those files only and downgrade them then repack them into pkg, so you save time and space with small pkg file to install it over base pkg.
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    Thanks man I got it working! This program is great. I'm going to make a video guide on it right now. Thanks so much for your help and amazing tool!
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    haha yeah id love that but my coding knowledge is not great... however i do now have a way so you dont need to rename files etc
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    Well done man, much respect when you have time, update it to 1.8 where you select pkg then click backport and the app does everything on its own.
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    updated to v1.7 now includes the needed tool - https://www.mirrored.to/files/OVDOUD6G/PS4_RipKit-Mod-Cheat-BackPort_Tool_V1.7_By_RiPPERD.rar_links
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    With the ps5 i'm looking forward to new and more advanced hacks for the ps4 that then will be old gen, and i really hope we get online access on hacked ps4's & plugins/homebrew/utilites similar to the psvita example: online access, kernel plugins, UI mods, registry hacks etc...
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    ok well then maybe you need to make sure trophy folder is also in the modded.pkg file ill be honest ive not had chance to do any ps4 stuff for a few months but i chucked this out to bump up the tool.... i hope 1 day it will be an AIO tool for all to use and learn from... but were see coz time is not on my side lol (not enough hours in a day)
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    Hello, sorry it was late when i posted the update. right so ive not tested it this way but i would do this and please report back to me 1. place the pkg file in app root dir (where my app is) and call ir original.pkg 2. click make ripkit and follow insrtuctions etc 3. once you get to the extracted stage take the elf file and the sfo file and place them in backport folder call them both old.elf and old.sfo 4. go back to my main app window and click backport wait for that to finish 5. take your modded files and place them where they came from 6. now cary on with the ripkit stage (command window) 7. now you should have modded.pkg file 8. install this modded.pkg (rename if you want thats fine) hope this helps ill do it myself in a bit i just dont have space on my laptop for downloading right now ill dig out my other laptop and download a game to test it on
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    UPDATE As TheFlow has posted a link to this thread, I would like to post a few things about this article and why it was made. 1.) When I had originally written this article, it was not targeting any developer in particular, this was posted as a deterrent to developers from the scene from selling exploits to Sony, yes it was childish and perhaps I could have used better words, but I did not want exploits being wasted. 2.) Like I said this article was targeting scene developers, TheFlow has stated several times that he is not part of the PS4 scene, so how could he then take offense to this? Also if he does not consider himself to be part of the PS4 scene, then how could I make him leave the PS4 scene? You cannot leave something that you are not part of. 3.) TheFlow decided to falsely blame me on him leaving the PS4 scene as a way of getting back at me, he knows I could not have made him leave because in his own words he was never part of the scene. 4.) A new exploit was released by TheFlow, this is great for those of you who have been waning to play games above 5.05, but that stops at 7.02, had this exploit not been given to Sony, then you would have at some stage been able to play games and homebrew on 7.50 or 8.00 using this very exploit. 5.) I am used to the hate from scene developers, this is nothing new, i say what I feel, I give my opinion and that annoys them, examples such as: a.) Freakler got angry at me because I kept calling Hackinformer out for selling access to an eCFW and for charging people to install other developers homebrew and apps, Freakler supported this scam and didn't like me calling him out on it, supporting a scammer makes you as dishonest as him. b.) SKGleba got mad at me for calling out the fact he is two faced, so he decided to use xenophobic and Islamophobic language towards me, now he claims I am the toxic one. There are other developers I could mention, but I get on with most developers pretty well, most of them are decent and honest. 6.) The thread in which I posted my opinion on scene developers selling bugs to Sony was inconveniently not posted at the same time this one was, so here is a link to that article: I may have been wrong about a couple of things in it, but the sentiment still stands, you shouldn't be part of the scene and selling exploits to Sony. Whilst you are here reading this, why don't you enter this competition to win a PS5 control pad: Anyhow thanks for reading this edit, you can view the original below. Original Post If you are the type of console hacker with no morals or any human decency, then this bug bounty brought to you by Sony will be right up your ass. Sony are offering a $50,000 reward for exposing critical flaws that will lead to the system being hacked, this is nothing new and but is probably the biggest reward offered for finding a critical flaw. I had a whole rant posted here regarding this, but I deleted it as I feel deflated and depressed, with all the PlayStation exploits closed over the past year and the ones that will be closed in the future, you can guarantee that the PS4 scene is dead. Sell your soul here: https://hackerone.com/playstation
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    @Indeed1 there are scene IRC channels and servers, but people have mostly went to the likes of Discord and Telegram. PlayStationHaX has an IRC server, though not that active as it is fairley new, there is a thread here created by Vapor. @ehneo I agree with most of what you wrote, apart from the modern day bit. If a hacker finds an exploit in a console he has hacked, the code is technically not his as it still belongs to the company of the device he has hacked, It is even less his if he used tools or methods of other hackers who came before him or used methods to test his exploit. Which is where scene comes to play, without other developers some of those who release code might not achieve what they want or not achieve it as fast, for example if a WebKit was not available then one cannot test a KExploit to see if it works properly, if a WebKit exists, then said hacker would have to use a WebKit which someone else apart from the hacker has already created, hence the community aspect. You cannot make a cheesy chicken omelette, without the cheese, chicken and eggs...
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    After yesterdays debate on the morality of bug bounties for the PS4 I think I need to clear a few things up in regards to my opinion on such things, not that anyone really cares about my opinion but that won't stop me giving it. I created this thread yesterday, in which it seemed I was insulting scene developers which is not quite the case, I firmly believe that if you are part of a scene, then you shouldn't be working for a company and helping block up exploits for a scene you are supposed to be part of, basically this means that you should not be part of the PS4 or PS Vita scene whilst also selling exploits to Sony, it is basically a big fuck you to anyone who contributes their free time and work to a scene in an effort to make it better. In my opinion if you want to work for Sony, then leave the scene or never join it to begin with, if you have left the scene and are selling exploits to Sony I have no problem with that, if you have sold exploits to Sony and have never been part of the scene then I have no problem with that either, my problem lies with being part of the scene and also selling exploits to Sony. Whilst I am at it, I see all these silly arguments about this being a good thing, are you people deluded? Yes it might bring more people to hack the PS4, but it will also bring more people to sell those exploits to Sony who will close them up which means you get sweet fuck all. I also see statements saying "Oh but it says right there that they can release them at a later date", no, no it does not say that, it states that the exploiter can disclose them at a later date, disclosing something does not mean release, it means show the exploit, it means provide information on the type of exploit released or how the exploit was achieved and all this is at Sony's discretion, If Sony decides to say that the exploit cannot be released, then guess what? You get sweet fuck all. There are also other statements saying "oh but they can find several exploits, sell one to Sony and give the scene one", lol you seriously think that they would give you an exploit after already being paid for one, money talks, all the exploits they find will be going to Sony who at their discretion decide if they can be disclosed or not, guess what that means? YOU GET SWEET FUCK ALL.. Let me ask you this to the people who think that Sony will allow any of the exploits to be released. Do you honestly think that Sony will let these developers release an exploit for any firmware that will allow games built above firmware 5.05 be pirated? Do you honestly think that Sony will give the green light for an exploit that will allow you to pirate games such as The Last Of Us 2? Finally I want to apologise for saying the scene is dead, this is not true and was disrespectful to all the great devs working on the PS4 in their free time, I have huge respect for all you developers working on the PS4 for the scene, not because you expect some big pay check, but because it is something you love to do. These are my simple opinions and are what I stand by.
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    Interesting topic to get started. This kind of belief goes way back when. I've watched the scene from the PS1 days and its fair to say its come a long way. But lets take it back a knotch to the early days. Back in the day, PS1/PS2, when you found an exploit in a system that was it. That exploit stayed there until there was a hardware revision. There was no software updates back then, exploits stayed. There was no bug bounties, no interconnecting responsibilities. Exploits on PS1/PS2 worked only on those consoles. They didnt affect hardware or software on other platforms. Then you see more open source tools, updating software via the internet. Everyone starts to mix and match open source tools. (Why dont people write their own, well theres not that many people in the world that can write a secure SSL/TLS protocol or implement cryptographic protocols properly? So better not risk it). Later in the gen information security started to become more important, more R&D/gov funds/companies picking up on their infosec. This brings the time of the PSP onwards (PS3/PS4). Where exploiting finding became much more difficult, especially with the added complexity of the systems. It doesnt just affect consoles, it now all electronics come into the mix. PS3/PS4 based on FreeBSD, Webkit used in iPhones/consoles, so exploits become cross platform. You find an exploit in webkit, release it as a zero day. Some NSA/CIA use it to exploit someones phone and kill them. Yes this happens. Furthermore, the increased knowledge of infosec meant there were more hackers out there than before. Better resources to learn, internet etc. During this, a period of companies fighting/suing hackers for finding exploits. The winner, well depended on the country and lawyers. Thankfully it took some time for it to reveal that jailbreaking is not illegal. Given that companies, naturally, want to protect their assets. Its fine to run whatever code you want, but its not fine to leak key encryption keys which can lead to copyright theft/stealing/unwanted copies of software. So bug bounties are introduced, as a way to incentivise InfoSec community to report and be paid for their exploits. This brings us to the modern day hacker, who can spend months upto a year longer, to find and develop worthy exploits in a system, e.g. a kernel exploit in a PS4. PS4 runs FreeBSD, which your local university runs a copy of, another critical server runs a copy of it too. So that exploit does not just hurt the PS4, it hurts alot more people. The person who wrote the exploit, its their code, its their attack. They can do whatever they want with it. You have a few options Release the exploit, Company will patch it within a few weeks, vendors who run FreeBSD frantically figure out a way to patch and secure systems. Those with critical infrastructure have to be on high alert now a zero day is out in the wild. The hacker, who released the exploit, gets sued by people who use FreeBSD and were attacked. It was your unique weapon after all. You get nothing and get disrespect by the InfoSec community (where all these hackers work) as someone who is not trustworthy with finding attack vectors You do the 90 day disclosure, you can alert people who care about exploits to not upgrade past FW x.xx. The people who run critical systems have a chance to defend themselves and fix the bug. After 90 days you release it and it can be used freely. You get some form of compensation after all the months of free labour you put in. You get some respect as being a responsible individual to the community Most people who complain about hackers doing disclosure have never, ever written an exploit themselves. So really, they have no say. Next theres the 'scene' who lets be honest, we know about that. You want homebrew on the system you bought, well then find the exploit yourself. "But its my system I want to do what I want" <- No one is stopping you doing anything, you just cant find exploits yourself so you whine and complain about it online... You dont buy a car and steal the gas? When you buy a car you know to run it you will need gas.
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    Yes Piracy is a side affect, but piracy in and of itself is not the evil it is believed in it's definition today. It wasn't until the accounting system changed and people started counting money that they may never receive. 1 download does not equal 1 lost sale. People who pirate will always pirate, regardless. However, instead of equating 1 pirated copy to 1 lost sale, those companies that have actually exploited that in terms of advertising, have actually gained sales. This is proven by a number of studies. However, that is a discussion that is used only in an attempt to actually deflect from the main point. Piracy, in the console industry, equates to an extremely small percentage of the underground community and always has been. Forums bring it to the forefront and corporations use it to attack them but in reality, and forgive me as I don't have the actual current figures in regards to consoles, but it is extremely minute--less than 5%. Back in the PS3 days it was 2% of the entire userbase. @GregoryRasputin You really missed out on some fun with the original xbox, ps1 and ps2. Those were the golden days. There were attempts at all the same things as today, DLC, unfinished and broken releases but they all got squashed simply because the community wouldn't allow it. In those days, your console was your hardware and any attempt on that was taken as a personal affront and an erosion of your rights and freedoms. I don't know nor did I get involved in this entire TheFlow thing, but as an old-school dinasour form back in the day--just on principal, someone from the scene, taking something a group worked on together and releasing it as their own--regardless of who receives it in the end, is a major no go for me. Someone finds an exploit all on their own, develops it and verifies it--that is their work to do with as they please. Someone thinks they may have something, goes to a group of people and they develop it together and then that person takes the final product and claims it as their own--that is a problem. Then again, in today's world, that seems acceptable and common-place. That is my opinion without emotion and without my personal feelings in regards to giving something to a corporation versus sharing it openly with a community.
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    My Initial response was hasty, I realised that after I had posted it, but it had become to late and people had already seen it which is why I wrote a follow up, my opinion will not change on the part which I state "You should not be part of a console hacking scene and selling exploits to the company who owns the console you are cracking", It kills the spirit of a scene, it used to be we would get a hack and Sony would patch it when they found the bug, but now they can just pay a console hacker to find the bug for them and we are at the mercy whether the actual exploit can be released. So my problem is the case that we might no longer get exploits in the future, if Sony decide that the hacker can only state that he found one but not actually release it, then we are screwed and scenes will slowly die. For me hacking console is not about piracy, it is a side affect which is great for some and not so great for others, what I loved about the PS3 scene which is the scene I started in was the community and the developers who seemed more friendly and approachable than they do now, hackers broke the console because that is what they liked doing and not because they wanted to get some financial gain from it, money is great, everyone needs it, but some of us crave other things such as community, it seems that community now is based in Reddit and Twitter where all we see is "ETA WEN". No, TheFlow has chosen not to engage with me, I am not angry with him for doing so, it would have been nice to have a conversation with him man to man, but one can not force someone to do something they don't want to do.
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    @Indeed1@GregoryRasputin If I could interject, partially on Greg's behalf to explain somewhat. We both of are the generation where any alignment with any corporation is wrong. There were communities that believed that one day, unless we kept fighting that one day, the corporations would take over, unless there was a system in place that kept them in check. Something that they knew would not allow them to step outside the lines. It was a perilous ecosystem but it kept everyone more or less honest. n00bs would come into this environment and have a hard time integrating but once they proved themselves, they would be accepted and it was about community involvement and knowledge sharing. An "us" vs "them" mentality. Try to thing of it it in today's whistle-blower mentality. Sources inside corporations would actively help out us, as well as some very talented individuals finding exploits on their own. This started coming under attack several years ago (personally I believe it started when we as a community started putting hacked consoles online--that broke an unspoken rule that cause the all-out war). The way company measured profits changed. They started an all out attack at the only adversary they had that was keeping them in check and launch a full out, 4-pronged campaign against this "underground" community. The first was piracy. They started counting every download as a lost revenue. The second tier was convincing the government that this underground community was basically organized crime and using police powers to fight civil disputes. The third tier was an all-out advertising campaign to convince the general public this underground community was basically organized crime. The fourth and most detrimental piece was to start recruiting people with bounties and consultancy contracts (which was made acceptable by the previous 3 steps). This is an extremely simplified and "readers-digest" version of what actually happened and it took several years to accomplish, but this is what happened. FYI--if you don't understand the "readers-digest" version comment, then you likely won't agree with this account of events. The sad thing about this is that now, the corporations have succeeded. There is no community any longer. They are free to gouge the general public without fear. The downfall of their plan is that now they no longer have a justification to explain their own fiscal irresponsibility and within the next few years, there will be another crash. COVID has only expedited that. Eventually unfinished games being released almost at an unplayable level, having to buy extra items just so you can finish a game that has no real ending anyways and a flood of over-hyped and under-delivering titles will crash the industry just at it did a few decades ago. The industry needs the underground community and can't survive without it.
  30. 2 points
    No worries. Thanks for your reply too I understand. I guess that your intial reaction was more about that this bug bounty program could make it a lot harder to get PS4 hacks, and that isn't something that you wanted? And then later when you thought more about it, you're not angry at either Sony (because its understandable that they want to protect their system against piracy) or those who want to participate in such bug bounty program (because its their choice what to do with their own work (assuming that what they submit to the bug bounty program is mostly their own work/research at least))? If thats the case, i can see that situation. Its not that uncommon to react more strongly at first, then think a bit more about the situation later on, reflecting on the situation. Someone might react differently later on though, maybe they get angry if someone misunderstood them, and dont take the time to explain what they really ment. So what you do here, taking the time to explain what you meant, and saying that you used some harsh words in the begining, the saying that you didnt really mean that, i think is a very good human quality/attribute to have I dont think everyone would have done this. And i also understand the situation if console hacks becomes more more rare (at least to the public), that this can be boring and suck. I mean, this means less activity in a field/subject that one are interested in. I don't hack my consoles personally (the last consoles i modded was my PS1 and PS2, which i did back in the days :)), so its not that big of a deal for me personally if a console gets hacked or not, but i still find it interesting to see how long a console's security system can hold up before someone are able to get around it, and i think it can be interesting to read how people were able to do that. This is how i found this website in the first place, because i read about the recent PS4 kernel exploit, eventhough i'm not hacking my own PS4 I would also just like to add a side note that console hacking isnt just about piracy of course. I dont mean to say that, so i just wanted to point that out. I think its safe to say that the majority of people use it for piracy however (which is also primarily why Sony (and Microsoft and Nintendo as well for that matter) tries to stop console hacks. And i guess the possibility of making it easier to cheating online in games is another reason), but its fully possible to use and enjoy console hacks without doing any piracy as well. Its the same with emulators. Its fully possible to use emulators without piracy. But i think its up to each person to decide what they want to do with the hacks, piracy or not, so i wont say much about that. Have a nice day! EDIT: By the way, did TheFlow reply to you after you explained what you meant? If i can ask about that. EDIT 2: The FreeBSD exploit is now mentioned on FreeBSD's own site as well: https://www.freebsd.org/security/advisories.html (I just thought i'd mention it since i talked about these exploits might be publically known even if theres a situation were Sony's bug bounty program might not allow for disclosure of exploits (they did allow it this time to my surprise, but who knows what will happen the next time. Maybe they allowed it this time because it was related to FreeBSD in general, and knew that it would be publically know anyway, but thats just a guess from my side). As long as the exploit is related to FreeBSD, i think it will be publically known regardless :)).
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    PlayStationHaX will be celebrating being six years old this Thursday the 30th of July, so to celebrate that milestone I will be holding a competition where a lucky person can win a PS4 game. That game will be Ghost Of Tsushima, which looks like it will possibly be the best game of 2020 and perhaps the last outstanding game we will see for the PS4 and hopefully the game gets an upgrade for free on the PS5. To win all you have to do is leave a comment below on what was the ultimate PS4 moment for you. The competition will end on Thursday the 6th of August. The winner will be chosen using random number generator, your post being your number, so the person who replies below this post will be #1 and so on. You can pick from one of three options: A digital copy of the game - pretty self explanatory, the only thing you will need to do is tell me which region you are from. A physical copy with stickers - This is where you get a copy of the game on Blu Ray with a PlayStationHaX sticker. A signed physical copy with stickers - This is the same as above, but with my name signed on the inside of the game case.
  33. 1 point
    The ultimate ps4 moment for me was the release of 6.72 jailbreak 15
  34. 1 point
    For this #ScreenShotSaturday I want to showcase another milestone for my game #FursanAqsaGame. I was able to get split screen multiplayer for my game running at 60 fps on #Playstation3 in #UE3, something many big studios failed to achieve, on that time: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/videos/split-screen-multiplayer-on-ps3-at-60fps
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    Updates are not yet supported. Follow me on Twitter for latest updates.
  37. 1 point
    ive included the ones i know about so if any left in backport folder let me know the names of prx files etc
  38. 1 point
    this is german to me lol i get the bit about other prx files... i hope to eliminate this with colab version (waiting for reply to use some of his code) at the moment my tool WILL take all prx files from module folder but it will only change the files ive asked it to... i think n00bs version selects all prx from folder and does them... i will look through his code some more i had to go fix my car
  39. 1 point
    Currently I am trying to accomplish just that. The problem is as I have explained in the video each game seems to have different prx files in different locations.
  40. 1 point
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    Thank you bro, would please replace Unfself with selfutil by Znullptr, Smug Nia mentioned that unfself ruin some eboot files.
  42. 1 point
    thanks for this mate i love it... just updated to new V1.9 updated the image on front too so now its even easier to do too just place pkg file in same dir call it original.pkg run my tool... wait for the repack is just 1 click now too
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    So.... i Heard you all wanted to use the new jailbreak? Look no further, because i will be showing you how to use the latest development on the PS4 scene. DISCLAIMER: this exploit has been released by Sleirsgoevy, while we are still waiting for the implementation by SpecterDev to be released, i can confirm, i have tried this newly released exploit, and it does in fact work. Keep in mind, some homebrew will not work, and needs to be ported, but this is great news for everyone! Now let's get started! As usual, i have attached a video below showing how to update, and use the exploit, and i have also attached a write up below that! Video: Write up: You will need a few things before we can get started. If you are on any firmware other that 6.72, you should download the recovery firmware that @zecoxao has linked us to on his twitter, i will attach it below. You will also need a USB drive, to copy the firmware to. You will also need the ability to run the exploit, most people just do this via the weblink, but some others may not have internet access, and will need to set up their PC as a DNS Server, or use an ESP Chip. I have gone into this in the past, so will not do it again for this tutorial. We will be using the web link, if that does not suit you, then you will need to check one of my older tutorials to set up the alternate method! Download: Now we can get started! Check your system firmware by going to settings, then system, then system information, if you are on firmware 6.71 or lower, you will need to update to 6.72. if you are on 6.72, you can skip to step 9 if you are on 6.73 or higher, then unfortunately this is not the jailbreak for you, you will need to wait for one on a later firmware! Step 1: Download the firmware file above Step 2: Insert your USB and make sure it is formatted to FAT32. Step 3: Create the following folder structure on your USB, from the ROOT, you should have a folder named "PS4" and inside that, you should have a folder named "UPDATE" Inside here, you will place the file you downloaded, which should be named "PS4UPDATE.PUP" So the structure will be "/PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP" Step 4: SAFELY EJECT YOUR USB! DON'T JUST RIP IT OUT. Step 5: insert the USB into your PS4, and power it up. Step 6: Make sure you have no firmware downloaded in your PS4 downloads, if you do, then delete it by using the options button and delete. (You should unplug the Ethernet cable at this point, or disconnect the wifi before it downloads again) Step 7: Go to Settings, then followed by "System Software Update" and then it should present you with a screen which says "Version 6.72" If you have anything else here, you will need to install the firmware via the recovery menu! I will attach a spoiler below for you to read through, if not, continue to step 8 Step 8: Run through the update, and wait for the PS4 to update and rebuild the database. Step 9: Connect your PS4 to the Ethernet/WIFI again and go to the web browser of your PS4 and enter one of the following links: https://cbps.xyz/672/ consolehax.com/ps4playground/ https://darthsternie.net/datafiles/ps4/672/ ps4exploits.darksoftware.xyz/index.html#6.72 Step 10: Run the exploit as per the on screen instructions, you must first click JB and wait for the message on screen, it may or may not work on the first attempt, so if it does not return with a message within 60 seconds saying "You are all set" Then restart the PS4 and try again until you get the message. Step 11: Once you get the message, you can then click on the "MIRA" button, and enable the Debug menu. Step 12: PROFIT? your debug menu should be there, and you should be able to do jailbreak things. Keep in mind, some homebrew will still take some time to be released, so enjoy and do not do anything reckless.
  44. 1 point
    I just posted a little while ago about a guide by @zecoxao on how to backport higher firmware games to firmware 5.05, now the legendary @flatz has posted a couple of scripts he created to backport games to 5.05.
  45. 1 point
    Oh also would like to see it's blue light in the dark and just leave it on at the title screen and listen to the welcome screen music for a while before starting to use xd.
  46. 1 point
    For today I want to showcase the WIP of this new map I am working for my game. Now I already exported the level geometry to Unreal Engine 3 and made the exterior lighting. Next step will be add the props. Another new update: Please take a look at this gameplay of #FursanAqsaGame by my friend @TheGeek40. My game is very optimized for running on almost any PC, but on actual gen PC (gaming pcs) it runs at 60fps or even more! That's a great achievement! And here is the game running at 250 fps on a top notch gaming PC:
  47. 1 point
    was about to message here saying i hope this get updated for when all these new games come out...? do you plan to keep it updated? add me to the list for request please
  48. 1 point
    Couldn't agree more with this... there was a time where the "scene" actually meant something... it was the scene vs the corperation. (Cat n Mouse, cops and robbers) I guess the trouble is people work harder and harder but get paid FA and now money talks more than it did years ago... now if the corps offer the devs money they bite their hands off. Personally i think this all started with George Hotz guy who sony paid off for his hack... opened a whole can of worms lol. Dont get me wrong if i was as clever as these devs i would think about the money but it should be done in a way that the scene (your roots so to speak) benifits too, like you said this isnt a 1 man band operation, the dev had donations, help from other members, testers etc who now have nothing to show for it. The whole world is just too greedy, its just the way of life now. None of us can honeslty say that if we were offered a lump sum of money (especially in lock down) that we wouldnt at least consider taking it... I guess it just depends on what type of person you are. I would have shared it with the scene before sending it to sony... if it only works upto 6.72 / 7.02 then they have either already patched it on newer firmware(s) or they can in future ones anyway. Everyones a winner... for now. NEVER FORGET YOUR ROOTS OR WHERE YOU STARTED TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!
  49. 1 point
    Hello guys! Just a small informative update here. Now I am becoming famous hahaha. Please, take a read on this cool interview with my friend @davechatsgames: https://davechatsgames.wordpress.com/2020/07/06/ask-the-dev/ And here is the first, of many, gaming press channels talking about my game (it's from Brazil):
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    I see what they did to ps4 and I'll love what they did to those loading and graphic performances. Hope to win this controller!
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