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    very fun pinball table app for the ps4 made in Unity. special thanks to DEFAULTDNB and Turk_Warrior who runs the channel: EODYT on Youtube, for closed alpha testing. https://youtu.be/2VOW77FqomA https://youtu.be/P_6rSzVF05E download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g4lsT4ewfPxOA8K-uPbszMdpcNuIvTVd/view?usp=sharing
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    The PlayStation 4 is currently the ultimate Blu-Play platform, simply because it offers a simple little feature: You can press and hold multiple buttons on the gamepad. For comparison, the Blu-ray app on the Xbox One only lets you press (and hold) a single button on the gamepad at a time, making it no better than a standard remote control. This makes the Xbox One the worst of the consoles in regards of Blu-Play / BD-J games. And that's a shame when all it takes to change that is such a simple fix. For this reason I went to the "Xbox Ideas" site, and first posted a comment in the Blu-ray app idea box - which apparently was rejected then posted another suggestion box - which was apparently also rejected then another one and another one, both apparently also rejected If anyone here has a "bigger voice" in the Microsoft / Xbox community, please consider helping out by posting this suggestion. Something along the lines of: "Make it possible to press and hold multiple buttons on the gamepad in the Blu-ray app. This will provide a better experience when playing games that comes as part of the bonus material on movies." VLC currently also have poor key input in this regard, but unlike Microsucks, the developers has listened to me, and a fix will be included in a future version. This is great news for Blu-Play devs on Linux, because it turns VLC into a much better testing app than it was before. For Windows users there's still nothing better than PowerDVD, but VLC is a great alternative if you want something free.
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    I am sure most of you have heard about the PS4 Emulator Orbital by , you probably won't have heard of SPINE though, which is a new PS4 Emulator. Spine is not as advanced as Orbital, it does things a little differently though as it doesn't have a GUI, i do not know a great deal about it or what makes it different than Orbital, but some well known sceners and devs have validated it. Source Source 2 Via
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    ESP8266-PS4Exploit-DOP-V2 What's New -- -- SiSTR0 has updated Hen 2.1.1 Fixes: Black Screen Fix on Rest Mode and spoof's the firmware version to 6.70. -- -- DefaultDNB updated the Exploit Host PureHEN to version 1.3 / includes SiSTR0" Features -- -- Features: - External HDD Format 6.xx Support - Homebrew Enabler - Jailbreak - Sandbox Escape - Debug Settings - External HDD Support - VR Support - Remote Package Install - Rest Mode Support DOP v2.00 contains: As shown in the picture! > LINK < MD5: 4302b23973a9d8e52c4c509282665323
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    Thank you very much Hiasq for making this cool stuff and share it with us Simply loved it especially it is made for esp8266 and i'm not afraid for accidentally hit the update button
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    Lapy has released another remake of a classic game, this time it is Wild Gunman. Source
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    [Released] Greedy Guts Gary

    Developer chossy has ported a game he previously released on Android's Play Store. The game sees you play some fat dude, eating junk food that drops from above you, whilst trying to avoid healthy food. Source/Download
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    @AlexAltea has released information on the latest Orbital update, such as having the ability to use a DualShock 4, you can find more information and progress on the emulator in the video below Source
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    To my friends around the world who celebrate this event, i wish you all the best:
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    Ramadan is almost over but ramadan kareem to all.
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    i dont mind at all, thank you, infact feel free to clean up my posts in the future if need be, ill also try to invest more time in writing a post in the future.
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    Ramadan Kareem to u all, Thanx Greg
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    Very nice, I love pinball
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    Hi guys, today is my birthday, so i thought i would give you all a little gift. If you know me or know anything about me, you will know that i used to write news for a now defunct scene website called PS3HaX, whilst i was there i started a thread cataloguing the scene history of the PS3, i decided to turn it up a notch and write about the entire history of the PS3, soon the forum thread became too small to write about the entire history of the PS3. So i decided to buy a domain and install a WordPress blog and PS3History was born, this site was my pride and joy, this was something i was immensely proud of, i had contributed something awesome to the scene, something that people could go back and read, i even released it as an eBook. However PS3History was missing something, links or sources back to the piece of history that was spoken about, this is something i had to acknowledge and i vowed to source as best i could in any future Console Histories i created. Creating and documenting a complete history of something is extremely tiresome and monotonous, searching through years and years of Google and Wayback Archives was the hardest and most difficult part of creating PS3History and i did it all on my own, sadly i haven't updated PS3History in about three years, this is because i have been busy with my own forum and other websites, as well as with my activism on Twitter. Fast forward to March 2018 and developer MrNiato asked where PS4History was, so i started work on creating the same type of WordPress Blog that i did with PS3History, however this time i would not be doing it on my own, i got together with MrNiato, ConsoleHaX and Derf, we worked on some aspects on and off for a couple of months, then it completely stalled until i decided to take a break from the scene half way through April 2019 and get stuck into creating PS4History. The history is not quite complete, but we will keep working on it and make it an enjoyable experience for you the readers and of course there will be a book too, the cover of the book and the image to this article was created by my good friend StarMelter, who has always shown love for my creations such as PS3History, even though he is not speaking to me currently, i hope he gives this a read. I would like to thank the following people: MrNiato, ConsoleHaX and Derf for their contributions to this project. StarMelter for the cover art. PlayStation Buddies Discord server. OpenOrbis Discord server. All the developers who have contributed to the PS4's homebrew scene. Sony and SIE for making such an awesome console. Ken Kutaragi for inventing the PlayStation. All the people who have supported me and had my back. And finally my best friend NeoSabin who has always been there for me and told me when to reign it in when i have been too much of a dick. Here is PS4History: https://ps4history.net/ Here is the book that you can read on your phone or tablet:
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    There is always a risk of damage when you do something wrong, @3absiso is a well known and greatly trusted member of this forum and the scene, he would not post or create a tutorial if it had detrimental effects.
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    We may be headed towards a future where the major game consoles doesn't feature an optical disc drive, but it's not in the near future. The new Xbox Scarlet and the PlayStation 5 will both feature an optical disc drive, and offer 4k UHD Blu-ray. So Blu-Play will remain alive for a while yet. https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/10/18659800/microsoft-xbox-project-scarlett-optical-drive-console-e3-2019
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    i think nextgen console won't using blue-ray drive anymore they ought to selling digital copies with drm just like google with their Project stream console it only depend on your internet connection the higher your internet speed it will be better to enjoy streaming games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUih5C5rOrA&feature=youtu.be
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    First i want to state that i have zero problem with people selling hacked consoles on eBay, i think that we should be able to sell modded consoles and chipped consoles on eBay or wherever, what i am against is people selling hacked consoles at an inflated price, just because they have a bunch of pirated games included, this causes harm to the scene as can been seen in the case that Sony recently took against a guy from California Blackcloak13 who's real name is Eric David Scales has been taken to court by Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE), for selling a 'Jailbroken' PS4 loaded with 60+ games for $499, an agent of SIE bought the console in April 2018 found that the harddrive was filled with 60+ pirated games, SIE then bought another PS4 from Blackcloak13 in June 2018, this console was on firmware 5.05 and also had a bunch of pirated games, here is a few quotes from the legal document: You can download the PDF and read more at the source: Sony Sues ‘Jailbroken’ PS4 Seller for Copyright Infringement Thanks Roxanne for the tip, wish you were a member of the forum so i could mention you.
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    Red-J has re-released his PS4 homebrew "B&nder Bar", this time the release is also for the PS Vita and Nintendo Switch In B&nder Bar you play as the lovable rouge Bender from Futurama, the aim of the game is to catch beer dropping from above, whilst avoiding health drinks such as orange juice, more info about the game can be found in this thread. Download PS4 Download PS Vita Download Switch
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    @zecoxao uses a Ryzen 5 and a 1050 TI, any modern processor along with decent ram and a good graphics card should run it fine.
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    [Released] Air Strike VR

    @Snake_Plissken has released a stunning looking PS4 homebrew game called Air Strike, this is a VR game but also woks as a normal game, it was made using Unity. You are the pilot of a fighter jet, shooting enemies whilst trying not to get shot yourself. Source
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    [Released] Air Strike VR

    Tip: NonVR Controls I had to boot 3 times before nonVR would work. First two boots each time will show unlaunchable message needs VR headset. Just keep trying
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    It's been a while

    Well, as you know, I'm mostly/all about Blu-Play.... And I was working on a new game actually, when I ran into limitations with VLC that made it impossible for me to continue development: Basically KEY_PRESSED and KEY_RELEASED was called at the same time whenever a key is pressed, meaning there was no way to detect if a key/button was being held down. So I created an issue in the tracker for libbluray and waited. It took 4 months for the devs to decide it was a good idea to add my suggestion. I could have use my Blu-Pad idea as a workaround if only VLC allowed me to, but no. But then recently I found out I could use my workaround with VLC - if I changed it a bit. And the workaround is the "Blu-Pad". Blu-Pad is what I'm calling a simple Client/Server solution that simply transmits all input from whatever device to the Blu-ray player. Originally I implemented the server part in the Blu-Play game, and the client on whatever device (computer/tablet/phone - could be done in plain HTML5 actually) - but VLC doesn't allow me to create a server. Then somewhat recently I learned that VLC does allow me to create a client though, so I simply reversed the roles, and now the game project is progressing again. Hence why I'm back snooping around again.
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    This is interesting to me because I'm making something similar (which I would have posted about long ago, but then the project got delayed). I call my project "The Blu-Pad"; which (according to the plan) will exist in two versions: A wired adapter version that lets you connect old Amiga/C64 joysticks to the Blu-ray player (and hence also the PS3, PS4, XB1) A WiFi version that lets you use your computer or phone or tablet as an input device, Seems it's the latter variant you've done here. The idea is mostly to add controllers / joysticks / input devices to Blu-Play games running on standard Blu-ray players, because Blu-ray players doesn't really have other options in regards of controllers, except a few models that actually lets you connect a DualShock 4 v1. But since the consoles also feature a Blu-ray player, this will also work for PS3, PS4 and XB1. Blu-Play developers will have to add support for Blu-Pads in each game though.
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    It's been a while

    Yeah it has been a while since you were here, i assumed you were busy with work or real life. Thanks for listening the Podcast's, i haven't recorded anything an about four or five weeks due to getting PS4History sorted, i can have the Podcasts auto posted on YouTube when i upload them to Spreaker. Not sure about IRC, i haven't used it in a long time, i think #ps4dev is one of the main ones, Discord is where everyone is now. PS4 Homebrew is coming along, you could even port some of your Blu-Play stuff over In regards to Blu-Play, i created a developer wiki for it, but never managed to do anything with it, so much to do and very little time.
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    It's a video converted to a .gif. Gif loses quality and the online converter I used only allowed me to use so many frames per second (I believe it was 20?) Thanks so much for the feedback, this is very helpful. I'll move it to .mp4s and see if I can embed them.
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    Looks cool
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    Hi Gregory! I'll definitely move to https. Costs go to keeping the site running, the amount I've worked on the program, and to keep updates coming! There is a free option which doesn't require an email address or card!
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    I have two problems: 1.) Your site does not have https. 2.) You charge money for this O.o
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    Very nice! I've been away for a few months. Seems this forum is where all the homebrew gets covered.
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    @gdljjrod has updated his PS Vita homebrew application Adrenaline Bubbles Manager to version 5.03, here is a list of the changes Download Source
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    @TheheroGAC has released a PS Vita application that will automatically install twenty popular emulators for Adrenaline(PSP). All the emulators are hombrew for the PSP, which can be used with Adrenaline or installed on the PS Vita's homescreen using OneLua Team's Adrenaline Bubble Manager. Download Source
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    Lapy has updated his popular file managing PS4 homebrew PS4 Xplorer, to version 1.16, this version does not add anything, but fixes some bugs. Fixed an error in the calculation of the % in the new progress bar find by @abdenourslimani and added a Cancel button to it (square). Fixed an FTP and RW bug find by @notzecoxao Source/Download
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    It was last Thursday, less than a week ago that Sony decided to release the unimportant firmware 6.70, today they release 6.71, did they break something in 6.70 and had to fix it, or did they find something and had to patch it? Source Image Source
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    @DEFAULTDNB and Leeful have updated their child friendly Exploit Host PureHEN to version 1.3, which includes SiSTR0's recently released HEN: You can download and host it yourself here: https://anonfiles.com/z76cH6t8nb/PURE_HEN_1.3_zip Or visit it using your PS4 here: https://playstationdev.wiki/pure/purehen.html
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    The ACCC is an abbreviation for the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, these guys are taking Sony Europe to court for what they allege "are false or misleading representations to Australian consumers on its website and in dealings with Australian customers of its PlayStation online store". Here is a quote from the source: Source Via Thanks @NeoSabin
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    [RELEASED] Pinball Wizard for PS4

    Very nice : Thanks for the share. Airstrike looks interesting in the 2nd video as well . Nice work
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    Muito bom trabalho!!!
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    Cuba's finest developer Lapy is back again with an awesome homebrew, this one is a remake of the iconic NES game Duck Hunt. Source/Download
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    May you enjoy many more old man now go get piss drunk today and have fun!
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    Happy Birthday GregoryRasputin!

    Happy Birthday
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    Forgive my delay but I'm too messed up lately, happy birthday man
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    PS4Exploit FOR ESP8266 With HEN2.1.1

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    here are some codes for god of war using the latest ps4 cheater 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505 data|362|551BF4|float|999|1|strenght|1146B51BF4 data|362|551BF8|float|999|1|runic|1146B51BF8 data|362|551C08|float|999|1|cooldown|1146B51C08 data|362|551C04|float|999|1|luck|1146B51C04 data|362|551C00|float|999|1|vitality|1146B51C00 data|362|551BFC|float|999|1|defense|1146B51BFC UPDATE new values, im just cross referencing other bits and pieces of cheats to find my values as i play.. 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:CUSA07408|VER:01.00|FM:505 data|362|551BF4|float|999|1|strenght|1146B51BF4 data|362|551BF8|float|999|1|runic|1146B51BF8 data|362|551C08|float|999|1|cooldown|1146B51C08 data|362|551C04|float|999|1|luck|1146B51C04 data|362|551C00|float|999|1|vitality|1146B51C00 data|362|551BFC|float|999|1|defense|1146B51BFC data|362|547428|4 bytes|1120403456|1|rage|1146B47428 data|339|2FBE7E0|4 bytes|999|1||10831BE7E0 data|339|2FBE3E0|4 bytes|9998|0|svart steel|10831BE3E0 data|362|5473C8|4 bytes|1119551487|1|health|1146B473C8 data|339|2FBE4A0|4 bytes|999|1|frozen flame|10831BE4A0 data|339|2FBE420|4 bytes|4294967295|0|solid steel|10831BE420 data|339|2FBE3E0|4 bytes|9998|0|soft svart steel|10831BE3E0 as far as adding them here is a example of format 1|strenght|1146B51BF4data|362|551BF8|float|999 = strength|address =1146B51BF4|type= float| 999= value of strength and a whole bunch of other codes. https://github.com/JDsnyke/PS4-Cheat-List/tree/master/cht
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    Redj has released B&nder Bar, a game which sees you play the character Bender from Futurama. In the game which is created by GameMaker Studio, you control Bender moving him left or right and collect beers, you lose health if collect soft drinks and the game ends if you collect to many, the game is fast paced and the bottles of liquid fall quite fast, here is a video of the gameplay: Source/Download Follow Developer Here
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    PS3Xploit han (MINIWEB/BROWSER)

    PS3Xploit (MINIWEB/BROWSER) PS3Xploit HAN POWERED BY miniweb PS3 HAN TOOLS actidps_dumper dbgpkg_enabler actrif_copier han_enabler han_installer The program interface is displayed 1- IP address 2- host name 3- user name 4 -host and port for ps3 download https://ne-game-w.blogspot.com/
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    In order to charge more for the console. The games doesnt cost the seller anything so its pure profit........ In his mind..... Until he got sued.....
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    I just sell them as 5.05 consoles, nothing more nothing less. Why put games on it, you're asking for trouble!
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    I created PS1 General and PS1 Games, i also created PS2 General and PS2 Games, hope that is what you wanted
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    multiMAN Coming To PS4

    Dean actually hasn't really started working on anything tangible just yet. Just checking things out to see what he can do. This got way over-hyped.
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