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    DooM I (1993) running on Blu-Play

    I finally got myself onto it again, so I publish a new version. Changes from the previous version: * Background music is finally implemented via (sort of) MIDI player (The quality sucks though, and it eats almost 1MB of Java heap). * X key now sends both KEY_ENTER and KEY_RSHIFT, to allow running (sadly we're out of keys...) * Fixed the 1000x0 issue Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MIA8RyBcpM_6PQraKvfbWHlas9x_7cAl/view?usp=sharing (Side note on the key shortage: it may be possible, with some effort, to intercept the "Flick Left/Flick Right" events (+-15s on PS4, don't know if these can be easily triggered on other devices) and e.g. remap them to "prev/next weapon" to gain 2 more buttons.) EDIT: the port can now handle OOM in MUSFile constructor.
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    With these steps you'll be able to set up a proxy on your main psn ps4 machine and grab some pkgs you purchased or visit other links: Tools required: .Net 1.1 (in case you don't have it) and PS3 Proxy Server Gui https://www.sendspace.com/file/f98qv5 cmd line to know your ip Step 1: Install .net 1.1 Step 2: Install PS3 Proxy Server Gui Step 3: Start the cmd line and copy your PC ip (in my case it's https://imgur.com/a/nUku3xD Step 4: Start PS3 Proxy GUI and choose PS3 Mode (it's located in C:\Program Files (x86)\CF3B5\PS3.ProxyServer, double click it) Step 5: Start the proxy https://imgur.com/a/KYUWM0i Step 6: On your ps4 settings->network settings, do a manual connection and select the pc ip (in this case as ip, port should already be 8080. Step 7: Check Logs in PS3 Proxy Server GUI, you should have some with ps4 connections Credits to Andrew2007 for letting me know the proxy server works on ps4 and we don't need no charles for this or skfu
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