Just Two Weeks Left To Get Founding Member Badge

I decided when i first started this forum, that i would in some way reward the people who joined for the remainder of 2014, with a special badge titled ‘Founding Member’, now it might be silly to a lot of people, but it means something to me and its my weird way of saying thank you to the ones who helped start this forum.

Come the 1st of January 2015, anyone who joins from that date onwards will just receive the normal member badge, now that doesn’t mean i care more for the founding members than the normal members, i will care for you all the same, even the Dumb Assholes group, so if you are interested in joining the forum and would like the ‘Founding Member’ badge, the last day to do so, is the 31st of December 2014.

Finally i would like to say, Thank You to everyone for making this forum the awesome place it is, thank you to all of you who have donated, to those of you who have submitted news or given tips, thank you to the devs for releasing cool stuff, thank you to the moderators for being you, thanks to the super mods and admins and thank you to all the members.

That’s it, i will stop boring you now with this unimportant message :)

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