Josh Axey Releases His PS Vita Research

Josh Axey has been working on the hardware aspect of the PS Vita for a while and today he has released everything he has done up to this point, you can grab his files below at the source, but first here is a quote from the ReadMe:

Josh Axey Releases His PS Vita Research

This cataloguing (which is mostly complete) has been a long time coming.

I have promised to dedicate the time to doing it for a while and to a few. Here it is, more or less.


A (lame) special thank you goes out to:


Amat, energetic motivator, secret wizard and loyal colleague.

Yifan, harsh motivator, answerer of endless dumb questions and hardware confidant.

Davee, gentle motivator, answerer of dumb questions and webkit hand holder.

Proxima, last minute trust ninja.

Archaemic, for steering my ship away from the shore when I was close to crashing.

Hgoel, my nominated steam vent, side project confidant and crazy idea bounce receiver.

Brian, for finding my navigation beacon out there in the dark.

My ever patient partner, for being amazingly patient with my divided attention and late nights (mornings?).

Hiro, patient mentor and obsession enabler.

Without these people, I’d be stuck waiting for inspiration to strike, wondering if I had what it takes and not taking any action.

I set out with a few small goals at the start of this:

1. Investigate my hardware queries. – [mostly tick] (pesky licensed data)

2. Get a webkit vuln working in a rudimentary fashion. – [tick]

3. Learn something new. – [tick tick tick tick]

I (mostly) achieved these goals. If I can do it, anyone can.


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