idps verifier – verify your idps with your archive2.dat!cpV3kDZS!J2Rg4a3FI6mjDPneeR3VzCJGuLOM6g8tXVaZipgTym8

what you see here is a narrowed down version of ps3xport that can be used to verify the idps of your console. the only thing this does is, with the idps set (in main.c as device_id) it’ll do its crypto and decrypt archive2.dat initial 0x40 bytes after the header. if the last 16 bytes are zero, it’ll say that idps matches (this should happen on an empty after format backup), if not it’ll say that idps doesn’t match.
in either of the results, it’ll output the result to archive2.bin for you guys to analyze.

this’ll be later part of a bruteforcer, so that every user that didn’t have access to idpstealer can use the tool and obtain it in a short ammount of time (or until TheDarkProgrammer releases his, whichever comes first)

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