28 thought on “Happy Ramadan”
          1. And you wrote a wall of text how you didn’t hate on muslims…

            Saying that crap will do nothing but infuriate muslims. But you’re not a smart cookie. You just talk a lot of shit 🙂

          2. If you’ve finished with sterile qualifiers, tell me therefore the link with my alleged hatred of muslims.

            And I have no cure that people are offended by reading this. This message is caustic humor, taking over a Michael McElroy message from the same cloth. It is not intended to convince anyone of anything, just have fun with the people who share this view. If anyone is offended because I dare to express ideas about religions, it is not my problem.

  1. Is this a joke?
    Until now I was spending on this site for information about hacking the Wii U. I did not expect to receive a bloody religious propaganda about the existence of a stupid god, and a one, named Allah. -_-
    Strongly that mankind gets rid of those silly superstitions, so we can learn about the hacking in peace. Meanwhile, I’ll go find the information elsewhere.

      1. What a comeback !
        When you have learned to distinguish criticism and/or detestation of ideas and dogmas from hatred towards people, you’ll be using terms with true content regarding comments like mine, such as: caustic materialism, or even antitheism if all these fun little words excite you.
        Good luck.

        1. The only person showing their hatred against anyone, is you Arno.
          This website is for everyone, not just you, just as i said Happy Ramadan, i have said Merry Christmas, you know that celebration that celebrates the Christian birth of Jesus.

          Regardless of your hate and disdain for those who wish top celebrate these events, these articles will still be posted, just as they have been for several years by me.

          1. Can you detail me where I expressed hatred or contempt towards people? I am curious to read it.

            I do not party or Ramadan or Christmas, and have no regard for Jesus and other mystical prophets. However, I wish “Happy Holidays” to people. This is because it is not the practitioners I intended, because they are determined by their environment, but religions. I attack ideas and practices. And I am appalled that many people are not able to distinguish it from ad personam attacks. Do you discuss with people sometimes?

            And no, I do not like to receive religious propaganda. Wish a happy Ramadan to people is not a problem. However, read quotes from the Koran saying to me that there are no other gods than Allah on the site where I was going to get the news about Wii U hacking is totally inappropriate in my point of view.

            And you obviously censored one of my comments when I approached the historical relationship between the labour movement and religions. -_-

          2. I did not censor any comments, the only comments that get blocked are those that contain links, if you know me, you know i do not censor shit, i don’t delete threads on the forum, i don’t cover anything up nor block it, so you ‘obviously’ don’t know me.

            1.) I do not celebrate Ramadan, but that does not mean i cannot wish my Muslim friends well on their days of worship, just as they wish me a Merry Christmas.

            2.) You show your hate, when you try and force your caustic religious views on other people and i say religious, because Atheists such as yourself are so wrapped up in what you believe that Aethism is basically like a religion, but worse, religious people don’t try and convert me or force their ideas and views upon me, but Atheists do, such is the case at the moment and what you are trying to do, all whilst hiding behind a fake account that is set to private.

            3.) You did not receive any religious propaganda, the article was not directed towards you or people like you, it was not directed towards Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu’s, Rastafarian’s, etc .
            I posted it like i said on #1, for my Muslim friends and readers of this blog, so you cannot receive anything that was not directed nor aimed towards you.

            4.) This is my website, i pay for the hosting, i pay for the domain, i put numerous hours into maintaining the server and posting articles, if i want to show love to my friends on their religious days i will do so, if you don’t like that, there is nothing i can do about it, i won’t censor your hate speech, which you are calling ‘freedom of speech’, so you can keep spouting your religious beliefs and score that ‘last post win’ point, i won’t be replying to your hate anymore, i have better things to do.

          3. Retrying … :/

            1) It’s kind of you. I come from a muslim family and too wish a happy Ramadan to my family even though I find this practice absurd. That’s not the question; I wish them because it is important to them, not because I approve. My aversion to religious ideas and practices does not preclude the love I have for them.

            2) That is the crux of the problem, and it is therefore appropriate to detail it:

            You say that hatred towards muslims that you attributed to me is clearly identifiable because I compel others to think like me. Also, this will ensure that others adopt my own ideas characterizes thee attitude and religious ideas.

            I hope I summarized your words. Contrary to what you do with me, I strive not to distort the ideas of my interlocutor in order to have an enriching exchange. If we agree on this summary, we can move on.

            First, we can not force someone to thoughts, if not by a severe conditioning which can take the form of torture and/or a bombardment of messages using the unconscious. I do not think I have used these methods. All I can therefore do is try to convince you or persuade you with the only tools available to me; arguments, whether valid or not. And I have no opportunity to influence your freedom to analyze or not these arguments, to refute or admit it, or even to forget it about the fields. So I can not as you say “force” you to think like me. To suggest otherwise is absurd and dishonest of you, that this dishonesty either to me or to yourself.

            Thus failing to force you, I try to make you adopt my ideas. And this is according to you own religions. In reality, there is no logical connection between these two things, and it seems necessary to clarify what differentiates scientific ideas of religious ideas.

            In a simplified way, the scientific method is a set of rules that allow us to produce scientific knowledge. By producing theories verified by experience, we can make predictions about the reality and therefore modify a specific purpose. Thus, scientific knowledge are the basis of all the great productions of human technology. And these productions are proof of the incredible efficiency of this technique to understand the reality around us.

            When a materialist atheist tries to convince you of his ideas, he appeals to your reasoning abilities (logical) from scientific knowledge. It is based on a scientific rules stating that the burden of proof is on the one who made a statement. That is to say that without being proven by the scientific method, a statement should not be considered true. So, say and believe that a god or gods exist, unable to deduce logically established scientific knowledge, is a mistake.

            But why is this a problem? We can believe in all sorts of things without proof. I can say and believe that a pink elephant with three heads lives on Mars and having divine powers including transform cauliflowers to catapults, and it will! That is why we must fear and reverence it. It is a useless belief, but a priori for the moment, not much problem.

            In the field of ideas, religion consists of a non-proven assertions system. In other words, a set of ideas more or less linked, as required true by the believer without having any valid evidence, as my divine elephant. There is no need to demonstrate scientifically for the believer. This is problematic for him because the scientific method is the only one to have demonstrated its effectiveness, he deprives himself to confront his ideas to reality and so check at the risk of overturn. But above all, this is problematic for all that these ideas are often harmful to society. Many advances in science have made themselves against the claims of religion and despite its enormous influence to prevent them. I think to illustrate just mention Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin … And that’s not to mention the great tool of submission of the working class that is most religions of the materialistic point of view, or other abominable things they carry like sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc., at least present in the texts if they are no longer defended openly not all today.

            So when you claim a materialist atheist like me presenting scientific arguments and using your logic has a religious position, you draw a line of equality between things like the Darwinian theory of evolution and the religious creationist theory against which he fought. You did the same between the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, Galileo and Einstein gravitation, and the geocentric theory of monotheistic religions that dare not defend today. You consider the same way a person presenting you valid arguments in favor of the theory of evolution and a person presenting you false arguments in favor of creationism. If you actually persist in this position, I am sincerely sorry for you, really. You share it with many religious. And that’s why, as well as other monstrosities worn religions, I have no respect for them. And why should I? These are ideas, not people!

            I come back to your accusation. You said, even if it has nothing consistent that I hate muslims because I try to impose you my ideas. We have seen that this is nonsense. Maybe then I hate muslims because I present arguments in favor of atheism? Because I try to convince you? I then assumed that muslims hate atheists when they present arguments in favor of their religion. So any debate of ideas can then be done in hatred, according to you. When Einstein and Bohr debated on quantum mechanics, they hated each other because they disagreed? Unless that position is also absurd?

            No more argument for my alleged hatred therefore holds. So can you introduce me a valid argument proving my hatred of muslims? This is not anything to accuse someone of xenophobia. We must be able to prove if one allows.

            And what exactly is the problem with my Disqus account? I you think the requirement to distribute my personal data on the internet? I’m not on Facebook, on Twitter, on Skype or other proprietary networks because I care about my private life. I am only on open networks such as XMPP, Ring, and Tox. Does it make me a bad person? How does my account Disqus contains the least amount of personal data and displays the fewer things to visitors problematic? So explain yourself.

            3) This article is published in the “Wii U” category from your blog dealing with Wii U hacking. Unless I missed somewhere the words “site only addressed to practicing muslims Wii U hacking fans”, this article has been published at the address of all visitors to your site, simply Wii U hacking amateurs. You may well consider that article is intended preferentially to only a portion of your readers. But you can not deny that all of your readers will be the recipients. This must be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to publish a quotation from the Koran which prompted me to write my first message. This one says to me that there are not other gods than Allah. That is propaganda, and I can read without problems when it is advertised as such. But there, it is inappropriate, as mentioned above. By the way, I too can claim that the Koran and you hate me because you tried through this quote to impose myself Allah. But I keep my feet on the ground.

            4) Again, I want you to introduce me quotes or valid evidence that I hate speech. Failing that, your accusations are worthless. This is a great delusion.

            Your article has been published and is still there, I obviously have neither pretension nor the possibility of imposing you your editorial. I think it is clear to everyone. However, you placed a comment function in your articles, and failing to make clear that they do not contain critical about the content of your articles, it seems logical that you may receive. And yes it’s your website and you can do what you want. But I do not see the connection.

            To conclude, this is obviously much easier of you to swing unfounded accusations, and to refuse to give evidence because you “have better things to do”. I accuse you of being homophobic. Well hate homosexuals is seen in your words. And I will not stoop to explain. I do not have time for that.

            I hope at least that the majority of comments readers do not mind as narrow as that of those who responded to my message.

          4. Thank you for this decisive intervention.

            And whatever you give definition to the term “Persian”, it does not include me. But what is the connection with my statement?

          5. Well, let’s just say I have known quite a good number of Persians who were born and have lived in Persia and have the same mentality as yours.

            But you’re not, so never mind 😉

          6. This is the post you claim i censored, the only thing the website will let me do with it is unaprove it or delete it, so its there somewhere, for some reason it is not being shown, perhaps it is a bug or some other bullshit, but its all there in the screenshot:

            To answer the question i will do so in more ways than one:
            1.) Communism has never existed, the name has and various countries have used and abused the name, but true communism has never existed.
            2.) I am not a Communist, i have never claimed to be one, just as i am not really a Russian Monk who slept with the Russian Queen, of course i do believe in some ideals of Communism, but Communism is a dream that will never exist in any other form than a book

          7. I did not know my message might have been blocked in this way. Okay.
            For the rest of your two messages, I will answer each of the sub-parts that you do, so it’s clearer.
            1) I agree.
            2) I am a communist militant, revolutionary then, and about the Trotskyist current even if things are always more complex than that. I think that communism is the future of the world. It will be that or barbarism, to a still larger than the one we already know.

            Edit : My reply to your another comment disappeared after about an hour of posting on your website … -_-

      1. I have already answered that and you know it, since you have read the discussion.
        That someone wishes happy holidays does not bother me. However, a quote that says to me that there are no gods other than Allah bother me since I consider the religious propaganda has no place on a site dealing with Wii U hacking news.

          1. Your message makes little sense. Maybe you using, like me, an automatic translator? Anyway, I invite you to reread it. ^^

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