Happy Birthday PlayStation – #20YearsOfPlay

Well as we all know, Sony suck big fat ass and really enjoy being assholes towards their own products, i will try and give the PlayStation the best type of birthday wish i possibly could.

Happy Birthday PlayStation

Now lets start of with today, PlayStation EU posted this today on Twitter:

Contents inside spoiler contain drama, go past that to continue the story at hand.
[spoiler=ignore the drama]

Now being the cantankerous ass that i am, i decided to point out that Sony missed the Vita TV :
I was met with resentment to the fact that i pointed this out, being told to look at the picture that it was there, to which my response was ‘but the Vita TV isn’t mentioned from 2013’, to which the man child retorted ‘ but its the EU account and that’s where it was released in 2014 dumbass’, of course i had to point out that none of the other consoles in that pic corresponded with their EU release date, then the impudent boy blocked me, anyhow this is about the PlayStation brand and not about how people seem to get butthurt when i say something, on with the PlayStation celebrations.


So as Sony forgot important pieces of hardware in that image, it is up to me to fix that:

Now that’s how the fuck you celebrate a brand Sony, you include all your PlayStation gaming products, not just your most popular ones….

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