Hacking The PS4 – Kernel Exploitation

As many of you know, @CTurt has been working on a PS4 exploit with the help of many other scene developers, last night he wrote a detailed article on Kernel Exploitation, then he left the scene, here is a small quote from his article:


Hacking The PS4 - Kernel Exploitation





I’ve recently been getting a lot of unwanted attention from people pleading me to release a “CFW” or “Jailbreak” so that they can pirate video games on their PS4.


I want to make very clear that I’ve primarily been doing this research as a learning exercise because I have a passion for InfoSec. This is partly the reason why I’ve tried to take a such an open approach; and I’m very grateful to hear whenever another aspiring security analyst tells me that they have found these articles helpful.


But if this doesn’t describe you, and you just want to install a “CFW” on your console, these articles won’t interest you; don’t bother reading any further.

I’ve had kernel code execution on the PS4 for just over a week now, and would like to explain how it works, and everything that I’ve managed to use it for thus far.


PS4 kernel exploit finally working! Thanks to everyone involved!

— CTurt (@CTurtE) December 6, 2015
Since the kernel vulnerability used has already been patched (somewhere in 2.xx), I have decided to explain the process of how it was exploited it in the hope that it will make for an interesting read and that it might be useful for any developers who have access to a compatible firmware.


Whilst I must refrain from releasing the full source code of the exploit and some of the details which directly apply to the PS4 due to fear that it would be used for malicious purposes, I can explain how to exploit the bug on FreeBSD, and provide some hints about how it can be ported to PS4.



To read the full article, check the


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