German PS4 Owners Have SharePlay Restricted

SharePlay is a great feature, it does have its flaws, such as the ability to delete your friends game saves and the usual things like lag, but the issue i am posting about has nothing to do with SharePlay or even Sony, it has to do with German law.

A German PS4 owner found out whilst trying to SharePlay Fifa 15 with a UK friend, that he was unable to do so, this is the message he received via his PS4:

German SharePlay

On NeoGaf a member pointed out this, which is sourced from the official Sony FAQ website:


• German PSN account holders can only use Share Play with other German PSN account holders.

• The visitor is required to input a German ID number before joining host’s Share Play session if the game is 16+.



Via 2

So Germans can only play with other Germans, which sucks and is a stupid law, but Germany has a very long history of censoring and blocking games and i do not think that will ever change.

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