Gamesonic Manager v 3.80 by Orion

Direttore Gamesonic

The developer Orion has released a new update to Gamesonic Manager version 3.80.The Manager is updated with the latest release of Iris Manager byEstwald and adding the classic graphic interface ControlFan and Payload Mamba What IS Launched without restarting the manager.



Fix the regression in the construction of iso ((Thanks Estwald)
– Code to launch the system manager plugin replaced with that of Estwald
– Fixed bug that did disbailitare / rehabilitate patch of cobra CFW 4.76.1 LITE Rebug
– Now the payload mamba is launched without rebooting nesusn (Thanks to nzv for payloads and Estwald for helping me with this code)
– Launch of the system manager plugin added to the new mode mamba
– Reinserted gui graphics for controlfan



Estwald for your Iris Manager, Joonie and Habib to Continue help to the backup manager, Aldo Vargas, Alexander, NZV and Deank


Gamesonic v3.80


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