[Released] Gamesonic Manager v 3.22

Below was written by franzes80

Orion’s returns with a new gamesonic manager update version 3.22 syscall disable[/ltr]


Adding syscall removal function to the menu “tools to the Network” (thanks Matsumot0 for sorrgente code of webma MOD)

If you enable the removal of the syscall control fan utility will be disabled and will return to default speed of sony
Guide to using the new feature (console bans)

Change the Console ID from the menu “tools for the Network.

Shortly after launch the option for removing syscall.

And after you pick the game you want to start.

Guide to using the new feature (not console bans)

Go in the menu “tools to the Network”

Disable the syscall.

Select the game that you want to launch.[/ltr]





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