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Happy Birthday Wii U And WiiUHaX

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  • GregoryRasputin

Yesterday the Wii U turned two years old and today WiiUHaX turned two, so Happy Birthday you two  :)


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  • Super Moderator

What was the content like on WiiUhax the first couple months? It was pretty uneventful until those fail0verfl0w guys made some power point presentation

Also I just realized GameCube had a North America anniversary yesterday as well.

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Happy second anniversary for both :)



Commodore CDTV --> First console with a CD player ever :heart:

(my CDTV has a 68030, 2mb chip- and 4mb fastram, VGA output, floppy emu with USB and can also boot from SCSI CF card :P)

AmigaOne X1000 --> fastest consumer PPC computer for now...

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