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Happy Seventh Birthday PlayStationHaX

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  • GregoryRasputin

Today marks seven years since PlayStationHaX forum was created, it has been a roller-coaster of a journey, from being busy back at the beginning to being almost dead now, I miss all the fun we had at the start, but times change, people change and move on, life doesn't evolve around some internet forum.




Much has happened in these seven years, we have seen many hacks and exploits released, up to date PS3 jailbreaks, PSP Unbricker, many PS4 KExploit releases, constant PS Vita releases, PS2 hacks and even PS1 hacks, the PlayStation scene has so much to give and so much to achieve, we have yet to achieve a permanent PS4 hack and nothing is known publicly about any PS5 hacks, but it will get there one day, I just hope the PS5 scene is more fun than the PS4 scene is.


So Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX, thank you to all the people who contributed, thank you to all the members and developers who have come and gone, I don't know if the forum or I will be around in seven years, but here is to another seven years anyhow.

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