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Converting to True DEX: Python Way


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Required Tools:
ecdsa python module
pycryptodome module
verify_eid.py file (provided in the zip)
donor file (provided in the zip) (WARNING, contains DECH-A idps minver! do NOT push your luck by by going below the previous idps minver!)
advanced tools (provided in the zip)
eid_root_key (get this either with flatz's dumper or rebug toolbox's embedded dumper)
eid file (you can get this by running advanced tools->dump_eeid and renaming eeid.bin to eid)


1- Place ALL of the files required in the same folder
The structure MUST BE:


2- Run the script:

python2 verify_eid.py

3- Make sure that the ECDSA values are VALID (if the idps is INVALID and the CMAC is INVALID, they'll be VALID later)
4- rerun the script
5- Make sure that ALL 3 values are VALID
6- Install Advanced Tools
7- Place your newly modified eid in the root of usb stick. rename it to eeid.bin
8- Run Advanced Tools->Flash EEID
9- Congratulations! You're now on full DEX system! You can now go to any DEX OFW without siren beep (validation brick)


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