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Serial Grifter Gary Bowser Aka garyOPA Gets Sued By Nintendo

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  • GregoryRasputin

I am sure most of you in the console hacking scene know the name garyOPA, he was an admin and ran well known PlayStation scene site PSX-Scene, he moved on to the dishonestly aqquired PS3Crunch as well as keeping close ties with the well known scene site Maxconsole.



 Well Gary is now sitting in a prison in USA awaiting trial for distributing piracy devices and is being sued by Nintendo over SX Pro and SX OS, Nintendo is looking $2,500 for each piracy device sold as well as $150,000 for each copyright violation, this is a multi million dollar lawsuit.

You can read the court document here:




Thanks to MrMario2011 for the link :tw_heart:





I have know Gary for quite a while, having met him online during the PS Jailbreak(PS3) era, I was on friendly terms with him, speaking to him on several occasions via MSN, falling out with him when he started heavily promoting the unneeded reDRM piracy dongle True Blue, he used PS3Crunch as a front to sell and promote that device, I was strongly against this device as I knew it was a scam, basically the eBoots of the PS3 games were locked by the True Blue develoeprs and only the True Blue dongle could unlock them, there was a long running fued between the site i ran PS3HaX and his site PS3Crunch, many members on PS3HaX supported me in condeming such a device.


Anyway, Gary went on to be involved in the Nintendo 3DS device called Gateway3DS, another device that was not needed as the same results could be done for free, Gateway3DS even threatened to brick 3DS consoles at one point.

After Gateway3DS Gary moved on to the Nintendo Switch and his greed is how he ended up in this situation.

Gary may have been involved in the Cobra piracy dongle that enabled PS3 owners to play pirated or backup PS2 games on PS3.


Regardless of my personal feelings or opinion on Gary, I hope he gets released from prison soon, I do not think he should be locked up for what he has done.

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