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PS4E3 Questions And Answers With @LightningMods_


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  • GregoryRasputin

Yesterday I posted some images of a device that @LightningMods_has created for the PS4 known as E4, the images can be viewed here:



A lot of people have been asking me questions regarding the device and whilst I am able to give people a rough idea of what it is and does, I am not quite qualified to give a full explanation on it, so below you will see a Q&A I did wih LightningMods regarding this device, I hope you find it helpful.




Hi LightningMods.

As you know I posted the images of your E4 device yesterday, people have been asking me questions about it, so I thought I would do a little Q&A so that people can understand what this device is:


1.) What is this device and what is it's purpose.?


LM.) This Device is a All-in-one, it can be a PS4 UART device, esp host, a NOR flasher and maybe soon syscon glitcher. it's primarily sold as a NOR flasher like ps3s E3 flasher but can do much more for less money for ps4s


2.) I know you have given many of these devices to well known sceners such as Centrino, how many of these devices have you given away?


LM.) as promised 10 have been given away but unfortunately 2 got lost in the mail on their way to Egypt and Spain


3.) Has it achieved the resultes you wanted/needed and if so what has been accomplished because of theis device?


LM.) so far everything is good and I have gotten better results than I expected but I might make 1 last prototype before it hits retail


4.) Do you plan on selling this device, if the answer is yes how much?


LM.) $25 for Users (excluding shipping)



5.) This device requires soldering, is this an easy or complicated process?


LM.) it depends what you think is easy , to me it's easier to others it may be more difficult


6.) Are there any other usess for this device than just the PS4?


LM.) Yes, it can read UART from any uart enabled device, it has a daul-core ESP32 so you can program it to do 100 more things as you would expect, it can also dump any spi flash including ps5 (untested) with edits to the code running on the board


7.) Do you have a PS5, if yes have you been doing anything in regards to exploiting the system and will the E4 work on the PS5?


LM.) I do not have a ps5 yet as they are really hard to get right now but adding ps5 support should be pretty simple just takes a code edit and/or board modifications for the new Flash footprint assuming it's a spi flash chip


Thank you for answering these questions and for your time :)



Hopefully this has helped those of you who were curious about this device, for any other questions contact LightningMods on Twitter:



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