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KyûHEN - The Next Big PS Vita Homebrew Competition - Read On How You Could Win €50

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  • GregoryRasputin

One of the greatest handheld gaming devices for the console hacking scene will be soon be ten years old, in that time we have a lot of fun and excitement, we have had the fun PSP related hacks and then we have had the awesome native hacks such as Rejuvenate and HENkaku, each of these hacks gave much love and opportunity to a handheld that Sony had abandoned.




 Since the native hacks were released we have had two great homebrew competitions and we are about to have another one where you will be able to win lots of cash prizes.

   This competition created is called KyûHEN and is the invention of three very well known people to the PS Vita hacking community, @Cimmerian_Iter@frangar and @2_Old_4_Gaming.


The competition organisers will soon create a website where homebrew creators can submit their homebrew, in the mean time here are the categories that you can enter:

  • Game 1 : Homebrew game developed using unity sdk and gamemakersdk
  • Game 2 : Homebrew game made from scratch with libs from vitasdk/dolcesdk and lua
  • Utility : Homebrews
  • Ports : Port of games from other platforms to the PSVita


You can follow this Twitter account for any and all updates on the competition


And here is information on how to win the €50 I mentioned in the title, it is simple enough if you are good at using Photoshop, all you have to do is create a splash-screen that will be used with the competition:








Here are the logos for each Website mentioned in the Tweet, Wololo has two so you will have to contact him and ask which one he wants you to use



















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