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Project PS3 Decompilation: Decompilation of several documented IDA Databases from PPC64 and ARM Arch

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This is a project i've been aiming to do for a while, but never got the resources needed to do so. Now that i do (IDA 7.5 with latest decompilers) I can start it and people can contribute as well, using Lumina or via their own hands at home.

The first .c file and its corresponding database will be submitted and i'll add more and more throughout edits. It'll all be posted in this post

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For now, let's start with lv1 from 4.46 ( 3141card has reversed this and he's very good and what he has done )
Folder Link:

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Currently uploaded:
lv0 (ssl)
lv1 (picard)
lv2 (picard)
vsh (ssl)

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Added one more (PS3 SYSCON FW update by picard, v1.0.5 for the DECR-1000)

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added lv1 internal folder with embedded internal lv1 processes from ebootroms previous to 0.84.001

Updated databases via Lumina Push n Pull (January 1st 2021)

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