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Console Scene Scammers Get Arrested

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  • GregoryRasputin

Oh the good old days of the PS3 hacking scene, they were filled with greatness and triumphs, but it was also had a small scummy side, such as a vile dongle known as True Blue, garyOPA a well known criminal in the console scene was behind this dongle, along with his long time criminal buddy Max Louarn, they bought or scammed the original owner of PS3Crunch and used that site to peddle the reDRM True Blue dongle.




I personally detested that True Blue dongle and once I knew garyOPA was behind it, I severed ties and friendships with him, not that I had much of a friendship with him, he was someone I spoke to occasionally on MSN messenger,  back then I did not know anything of his criminality and scamming, I strongly opposed True Blue in every way, I attacked and insulted anyone who bought it or was considering buying it:





I was wrong for attacking the end user, my hate for this device blinded me to the fact that I was doing wrong, my reasoning was if I could stop as many people buying a True Blue dongle, then I was doing a good thing.


Anyhow to get to the crux of the story, Gary Bowser(garyOPA) and Max Louarn have both been arrested for being the leaders of Team Xecuter and for being behind such devices as True Blue(PS3), Gateway(3DS), True Blue Mini(PS1 Classic), SXOS(Switch), Stargate and many more, they made a ton of money of these devices and lived a luxurious life, Gary lived on a tropical island and Max had holidays all over the world, his Instagram is a testament to his success and the money he earned.

 Here is a quote from the source:



According to the indictment, Team Xecuter at times cloaked its illegal activity with a purported desire to support gaming enthusiasts who wanted to design their own videogames for noncommercial use.  However, the overwhelming demand and use for the enterprise’s devices was to play pirated videogames.  To support this illegal activity, Team Xecuter allegedly helped create and support online libraries of pirated videogames for its customers, and several of the enterprise’s devices came preloaded with numerous pirated videogames.  According to the indictment, Team Xecuter was so brazen that it even required customers to purchase a “license” to unlock the full features of its custom firmware, the SX OS, in order to enable the ability to play pirated videogames. 


In September 2020, Louarn and Bowser were arrested abroad in connection with the charges in this case.  The United States will seek Louarn’s extradition to stand trial in the United States.  Bowser was arrested and deported from the Dominican Republic, and appeared today in federal court, in New Jersey.


Each defendant is charged with 11 felony counts, including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to circumvent technological measures and to traffic in circumvention devices, trafficking in circumvention devices, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. 



I am glad they have been stopped from selling these unneeded devices, but they have been in this position before, I will be watching this case closely, crime doesn't pay and eventually you get caught and punished, I do wish @garyopaluck in his case and I hope this will make him see the error of his life, hopefully it makes him change his ways and he starts helping the scene instead of ripping it off.


Information on arrest:


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