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BlueRetro By @darthcloud64 - The Ultimate Control Pad Adaptor For Retro Consoles

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  • GregoryRasputin

I usually check GitHub for PS4 related releases, I had seen this project a few times but didn't bother with it as it wasn't PS4 related, I wish I had clicked on it when I seen it, as this is an awesome project, probably one of the best open source console related projects I have seen in a while.




BlueRetro is a multiplayer Bluetooth control pad adaptor that will let you play multiplayer games or single player games on a retro console such as N64 using PS3, 360 or Switch control pads.


BlueRetro comes in two parts, the software and the hardware, both parts are open source, the hardware aspect utilises an ESP32.


To check out the project, visit it here:



Follow the developer on Twitter:



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