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Is This The First Legitimate DualSense Teardown By @EvzenElite?


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  • GregoryRasputin

Every time a new console is revealed or about to be released, we see lots of fakes of the console or control pads, which is why everything posted is taken with caution.




A controller modding group has posted on their Instagram what appears to be the first DualSense teardown, they show beautiful photos of the DualSense and show a teardown, sadly the nine images in the teardown are presented in a collage so are quite small to view.


That being said, the images do look legit and there is no real reason to believe they are fake.


The first few images show the DualSense up close, showing the textures on the pad and thumb sticks, it also shows us a close up of the USB-C port, the final image is a teardown of the DualSense in nine parts and shows that the control pad could be quite customisable, such as the Black part being changed for another colour.


You can view the images/teardown here:



You can follow EvzenElite on Twitter here:



Also be sure to check this PlayStationHaX competition for  your chance to win a DualSense control pad:


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