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[Released] Consolepedia 3D - Your Pocket Console Encyclopedia By @VitaHex

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  • GregoryRasputin

I am sure most of you most of you know I love console histories, I love reading about the amazing things they were capable of in their day, the breakthroughs and achievements that each generation achieved.




If you like that type of thing too, then you should check VitaHex's  Consolepedia 3D application for the PS Vita, it combines information of game consoles and their game along with stunning 3D images of the games consoles, here is a quote from the source:



Consolepedia 3D is a virtual encyclopedia of game systems. From Atari to Nintendo and PlayStation all with with detailed 3D models of each system with information about the history, specifications and their best selling games.


Consolepedia 3D features detailed 3d models where you can take a close look and also learn about it's history through the years. You can also see the top-5 best selling games for each system with the original box art.





You can follow the developer on Twitter here:



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