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The Most Important PS5 Event This Year Will Happen In Four Hours

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  • GregoryRasputin

Today is probably the greatest day of 2020 for PlayStation gamers as Sony are about to drop the price and release date of the PS5.




The will probably showcase some games and perhaps some accessories for their next gen console, we might even find out if the console comes in all black and hopefully find out more details such as the amount of inputs/outputs it has, HDMI, USB etc.


Here are the times you can watch the show at:

  • Canada - 4PM
  • California - USA - 1PM
  • New York - USA - 4PM
  • Ireland, UK, Portugal - 9PM
  • Spain, Poland - 10PM
  • Egypt - 10PM
  • Ukraine - 11PM
  • Moscow - Russia - 11PM
  • Palestine - 11PM
  • Omsk - Russia - 2AM- 17th September
  • Krasnoyarsk - Russia - 3AM - 17th September
  • China - 4AM - 17th September
  • Korea - 5AM - 17th September
  • Japan - 5AM - 17th September
  • Australia - 6AM - 17th September
  • New Zealand - 8AM - 17th September



You can watch it here:






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