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[Released] Offline Apps For PS4 Trainer

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  • GregoryRasputin

We have all been there, stuck at a game and not sure how to get past a part, or a boss has just relentleslly kicked our ass, so we have turned to a cheat device such as Xploder or Game Shark, these devices have been around for an eternity, what is even better than these premium devices is an open source or free version, PS4 Trainer is a free version that you can use by visiting the website, or by downloading the offline applications.




Now I am not going to get into the politics of cheating in a game too much, people cheat for various reasons, such as they legitimately find the game too hard, they don't have time to keep slogging away and want to finish the game quickly, they have finished the game and just want to have fun the second time around, it is their game to play how they want and as long as cheats are not used during online play, then no one should have a problem with it.



There are around 257 entries for several popular games, such as Bloodborne, Call Of Duty WWII, Death Stranding, Fallout 4, God Of War, GTAV and many, many more.


You can use PS4 Trainer by visiting the site here:



Or you can download

The PC Offline app:


The Android offline app:



You can follow PS4 Trainer on Twitter, where they post all the updates and new games:


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