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[Released] FreeBootDVD ESR Patcher GUI By Jabu

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  • GregoryRasputin

You can now easily create your own playable PS2 game discs, thanks to this GUI by Jabu, here is a quote from the ReadMe:





What's this?
This is a GUI for the modded esrpatch.exe by edo9300.
It can patch PS2 ISOs with ESR and FreeDVDBoot
so they can be played on a unmodded PS2.
The hybrid 3.10/3.11 payload is included.



-fixed some code
-you can now drag isos onto the exe without the app crashing


-added a readme
-added drag n drop support
-added PS2 Stuffs Mode( 2x--> ...)
-fixed some internal code


-initial release



If you need help on how to convert DVD or CD based games, follow this tutorial by MrMario




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