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How to| Install FreeMCBoot with FreeDVDBoot

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Hi again. 


It's been a while, hope you all didn't miss me too much :)


Today i am coming at you with some relatively new news!


Recently CTURT has released a new exploit for the PS2 called FreeDVDBoot. This allows you to load homebrew from an exploit in the PS2's DVD firmware. It is believed that this will work on any firmware PS2 DVD drive, although support is currently limited to 3 versions at the time of writing this. I believe the support will grow over time, but might not be as fast as scenes for newer consoles at this point in time! 


With this being said, the latest drive version has been exploited, so PS2's which previously could not be exploited with FreeMCBoot, now have FreeDVDBoot!


Today, i will walk you through installing FreeMCBoot on any PS2, which has a supported drive firmware, and i will show you how to check what firmware you have and weather or not it is supported!


I have attached a video below, and then a write up below that!




Written TUT:


Step 1: You will need to boot up your PS2 to find out what drive firmware you have. Do this by removing the disc from the PlayStation and powering it up. You will then go to the boot menu with the spinning balls. If you see this, press triangle for info, and you will see your drive firmware version. Note this down (Mine was 3.11)


Step 2: Go to the git hub found here and then click on the pre-built releases folder to see if there is a pre-built release for your drive firmware.


Step 3: If there is a pre-built release for your console drive firmware, then proceed to download it to your computer, and i will link the required files below. If your drive firmware is currently not supported, then you will need to wait a bit longer.


Step 4: You will need a USB formatted to FAT32 and the following downloads


- FreeMCBoot

- IMGBurn


Step 5: Install IMGBurn onto your pc


Step 6: Extract the contents of the FreeMCBoot package to your usb, you should now have a "Languages" and "INSTALL" folder on your usb, along with the FMCBInstaller.elf


Step 7: Use IMGBurn to burn the .iso file you downloaded earlier, for your drive version. You can do this by clicking the first option which is "Burn image to disc" (Make sure you click verify once you start burning)


Step 8: While the disc is burning, make sure you PS2 has the language set to english in the settings, or this will not work.


Step 9: When the disc has finished burning, eject it and put it into your ps2's disc drive, and insert the USB stick with the files you copied to it earlier.


Step 10: boot the PS2 and you should see the screen flicker and then it will open ulaunch.elf. From here you should press circle to load the browser, then scroll down to the "MASS" folder, and click it. You should now see your USB contents. You will need to scroll down to the FMCBInstaller.elf and press the circle button on it to load it up.


Step 11: Follow on screen prompts to have it install. I recommend using the multi option, but you can do as you wish. Once it is done, you can power down the PS2 and remove the disc.


Step 12: Boot the PS2 back up with the memory card you installed FreeMCBoot onto.


Step 13: Profit? Let me know how you go and if you need any help.


As always, see you all next time, peace!



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If i helped you feel free to buy me a coffee :) just hit the tip button

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