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A New PS4 Exploit Has Been Released


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  • GregoryRasputin

For about two and a half years the latest firmware that could be exploited on the PS4 was 5.05, that all changed yesterday when reverse engineer TheFlow released his PS4 KExploit which has the potential of running homebrew and backups on firmware 7.02




I say potential because the KExploit needs a WebKit exploit to run and the latest WebKit is 6.72, so at the moment you will be able to run homebrew and backups on firmware 6.72 and you should not update past that firmware at the moment.


If you are on firmware and need to update to 6.72 visit this site and grab the firmware:



Or you can do this:



What Does This Update Mean?

You will be able to pirate play around 1500 games that you could not play on 5.05, here is a list of games and download content you will now be able to play:




The other great news and my favourite bit is the potential for even more homebrew, we do have a great selection already from the likes of developer Lapy, but hopefully this update will bring out more developers to create homebrew on the PS4 and hopefully we will see the consoles very first homebrew contest.


Mira has already been updated to support 6.72, so we are in for good times.


One should not update their firmware quite yet, if you are on 5.05 then stay there for now, If you are on any firmware between 5.05 and 6.72, then feel free to update.



Finally I would like to say thank you to TheFlow for breathing life into the PS4 scene, my personal opinions aside in regards to bug bounties, I would be dishonest to deny that this release doesn't hold some greatness for many people, I just hope we see more homebrew.




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