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FreeDVDBoot - Homebrew On An Un-Modified PS2


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  • GregoryRasputin

I am sure by now you have heard of a developer called CTurt, he helped the PS4 scene a bit at the beginning and helped progress it.




Now the developer is back with an exploit that will help those of you with a PS2, this exploit is that it is great and doesn't need the console to be exploited or hacked in any way, this means you will be able to run PS2 homebrew on your PS2 without Swap Magic, a mod chip or any other type of physical modification, all you will need is a modified DVD disc that lets you exploit the DVD player, here is a quote from the developers blog:



The idea of booting discs with no user interaction was extremely appealing to me, but if you instead value having a single disc with compatibility against multiple different firmware versions, it may be possible to build a DVD video which starts with a DVD menu where you select your version and it plays a different video which launches a different exploit, depending on user selection.


Read the full article here:







Below is a video by Modern Vintage Gamer explaining in more depth what this exploit is and it's potential:


Thanks to the awesome @Roxanne we now have a console compatibility list, the great news at the moment is that all PS2 Slims are able to run the exploit:





If you need a tutorial here is a great link:



When they are available I will be posting video tutorials in English and Spanish.



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