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Clarification On My Opinion On PS4 Bug Bounties

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After yesterdays debate on the morality of bug bounties for the PS4 I think I need to clear a few things up in regards to my opinion on such things, not that anyone really cares about my opinion but that won't stop me giving it.




I created this thread yesterday, in which it seemed I was insulting scene developers which is not quite the case, I firmly believe that if you are part of a scene, then you shouldn't be working for a company and helping block up exploits for a scene you are  supposed to be part of, basically this means that you should not be part of the PS4 or PS Vita  scene whilst also selling exploits to Sony, it is basically a big fuck you to anyone who  contributes their free time and work to a scene in an effort to make it better.


In my opinion if you want to work for Sony, then leave the scene or never join it to begin with, if you have left the scene and are selling exploits to Sony I have no problem with that, if you have sold exploits to Sony and have never been part of the scene then I have no problem with that either, my problem lies with being part of the scene and also selling exploits to Sony.



Whilst I am at it, I see all these silly arguments about this being a good thing, are you people deluded?


Yes it might bring more people to hack the PS4, but it will also bring more people to sell those exploits to Sony who will close them up which means you get sweet fuck all.


 I also see statements saying "Oh but it says right there that they can release them at a later date", no, no it does not say that, it states that the exploiter can disclose them at a later date, disclosing something does not mean release, it means show the exploit, it means provide information on the type of exploit released or how the exploit was achieved and all this is at Sony's discretion, If Sony decides to say that the exploit cannot be released, then guess what?

You get sweet fuck all.


 There are also other statements saying "oh but they can find several exploits, sell one to Sony and give the scene one", lol you seriously think that they would give you an exploit after already being paid for one, money talks, all the exploits they find will be going to Sony who at their discretion decide if they can be disclosed or not, guess what that means?



Let me ask you this to the people who think that Sony will allow any of the exploits to be released.

Do you honestly think that Sony will let these developers release an exploit for any firmware that will allow games built above firmware 5.05 be pirated?

Do you honestly think that Sony will give the green light for an exploit that will allow you to pirate games such as The Last Of Us 2?


Finally I want to apologise for saying the scene is dead, this is not true and was disrespectful to all the great devs working on the PS4 in their free time, I have huge respect for all you developers working on the PS4 for the scene, not because you expect some big pay check, but because it is something you love to do.


These are my simple opinions and are what I stand by.

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Couldn't agree more with this... there was a time where the "scene" actually meant something... it was the scene vs the corperation. (Cat n Mouse, cops and robbers)


I guess the trouble is people work harder and harder but get paid FA and now money talks more than it did years ago... now if the corps offer the devs money they bite their hands off. Personally i think this all started with George Hotz guy who sony paid off for his hack... opened a whole can of worms lol.


Dont get me wrong if i was as clever as these devs i would think about the money but it should be done in a way that the scene (your roots so to speak) benifits too, like you said this isnt a 1 man band operation, the dev had donations, help from other members, testers etc who now have nothing to show for it.


The whole world is just too greedy,  its just the way of life now. None of us can honeslty say that if we were offered a lump sum of money (especially in lock down) that we wouldnt at least consider taking it... I guess it just depends on what type of person you are.

I would have shared it with the scene before sending it to sony... if it only works upto 6.72 / 7.02 then they have either already patched it on newer firmware(s) or they can in future ones anyway. Everyones a winner... for now.





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