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[Release][WIP] PS4 Tools Homebrew

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PS4 Tools Homebrew WIP Showcase
After the poll on twitter where everyone wanted to see what I was making here it is

It features:

Save data mounting and copying to usb. (A huge shout out to ChendoChap for this)
Reading system info(IDPS,PSID,Username,UserID)
Reading of PKG files directory from the console.(This is all done using PS4_Tools)
Not included in this release:

Mounting of PFS files.
The File explorer is not included
Trophy Unlocker
How To use :
Run my Hen 2.1.4 with save mount patches it can be found here (if you intend to mount saves you need this)
Run the homebrew
When copying save data to usb make sure you have a directory called SaveData on the root of your usb
Have fun.


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