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Tony Hawk Returns In A Beautiful Remaster

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  • GregoryRasputin

I am not sure how many of you know that I am a HUGE Tony Hawks Pro Skater game fan, some of you might remember me bitching about how bad Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 is, it was nothing compared to the Tony Hawks 1 - 4 games and this pissed me of greatly, but I was basically screaming in excitement at the reveal of this new game.




The game is new, but also old, the game is called Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2, yes you have guessed correctly this is a remaster, but Robomodo created a remaster already I hear you say, you are only slightly correct in that thinking, Robomodos remaster whilst great only had some levels from THPS1 and about two levels from THPS2, the game was missing skaters such as my favourite Bob Burnquist and of course the nostalgic music was not there, there was a huge amount missing that made both the original games awesome, Tony Hawks was also not on board with this one, though he was still a playable character.


That is where this new game differs, it comes with Tony Hawks helping making the game, ALL the levels, all the original characters with all their old moves as well as some new ones, all the old goals such as collecting SKATE will be there along with some new ones and lets not forget that awesome music, most of it is returning too, here is a video showing how beautiful it is, it also shows some comparisons between the original and new:


The game will be released on the 4th of September 2020 for PS4 and Xbox One, I think it can be safe to assume that the game will be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you can read more info about it here on the PS Blog


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I'll be honest here...... I went and preordered the Birdhouse Deck collectors edition yesterday morning not long after the announcement lol.


Besides Gran Tursmo, I probably spent stupid hours on this franchise on the playstation.


Nostalgia is one hell of a salesman.

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