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Please Consider Contributing To The PSP Dev Wiki

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There is no doubt that the PSP was the most popular handheld homebrew device at that new stage, some may still argue that it still holds that title, even though the PS Vita is here and is great in it’s own right.


Unlike the PS Vita , there isn’t much of an active scene for it and even though there may be some sort of game jam running at the moment for it, there is little interest in the PSP from people who aren’t hardcore PSP users.


I know there are many great PSP developers out there and even though they may have hung up their developing gloves or have moved on to other devices, their PSP knowledge is invaluable and this is why I am asking older devs, retired devs and those with an interest in the PSP to please consider contributing to the PSP Developer Wiki.


I created the Wiki almost three years ago due to a request by legendary PSP developer @Mathieulh, here is a quote from the Wikis front page:


The PSP Developer Wiki is a new wiki for developers and those wishing to educate themselves on the workings of the PSP, the wiki created in June 2017 encompasses Dark_Alex's PSP Dev Wiki which went defunct in 2008 and combines it with various other PSP developer wiki's, blogs by developers and various other PSP related sites which no longer exists.

Not only does the wiki hold information from when the PSP was the centre of attention, but also contains information from the past nine or so years that was not documented on a wiki before.

The PSP may not be the most popular device any more, but it has a lot of life in it and still has plenty to give.



Whilst it has many great contributions, it would also be great to see it completed and filled with an almost infinite amount of PSP information.


To visit the PSP Dev Wiki, click the link below:








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