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Help importing ps2 save data to ps3

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Hi everyone!!. I'm having some trouble. I want to import a new save file into the ps3 to use it with a ps2 game, i already have some gameplay saved. But the problem is,the game doesn't recognize the data and i can't find where is it that the original is stored so i have no idea where to place it.


I'm using  Ps2 Placeholder to launch it,have seen lots of tutorials on transferring save data but nothing seems to work, I've searched everywhere on Multiman for the location where Ps2 placeholder had it's virtual memory card but nothing. I know where the ones created st the XMB are tho.


It's a psv file. the game is Klonoa 2. ps3 Fat with HFW 4.85+Hen.

I use Irishman to mount the ISO.


thanks in advance.

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