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PS3 blc plugins to allow faster reverse engineering of ppc modules from IDA 7.0 or 7.2


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blc is a plugin that was created to implement Ghidra's decompiler natively into Ida Pro. it works really well for most languages but not ps3 ppu elfs, which is why i decided to add support for them (hardcoded still at the moment).

first you must download this (Ghidra folder) and extract it under your IDA 7.0 or 7.2 plugins directory

Then, according to the module you'll be studying, you download this



and start reversing away with alt+f3 for decompilation of function :)


Enjoy RE!


Note: I have fixed the 64 bit addr bug, so the ppc_64.cspec comes already bundled in the first zip. For @mysis and @3141card in case they need

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