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New Name Of WiiUHaX  

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  1. 1. What Should I Rename WiiUHaX ?

    • NintendoHaX.com(same as WiiUHaX)
    • NintendoHaX.it(Same as PlayStationHaX)
    • NinteyHaX
    • NintendoHaX.us(Play The U Part Of Wii U)
    • Just Keep It As It Is
    • Other(State In Comments)

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  • GregoryRasputin

Well most of you know i created WiiUHaX back when i was part of the other site, i created it because the admin of that site was not interested in creating a Wii U section, which I'm glad i did do.





As well as having news, it has some tutorials, here are some links:

WiiUHaX News

WiiUHaX Tutorials

WiiUHaX Forum




I have also been thinking of changing the name of the website, WiiUHaX.com would still be a usable URL, but as it just isn't dedicated to the Wii U, perhaps i should change it to something more related.

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I think its most suitable to name it in a similar manner as this(playstationhax.xyz) for consistency.



"NintendoHaX.us" Is no good, that pretty much say "Nintendo is hacking us", rather than the opposite :) If you really wanted to play with words, "wiihax.it" would be best since Wii is a play on "We", which then ends up as "We hack it".

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I say keep it as it is, keeping Wii or Wii U in the title would probably be better than using Nintendo.

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i think you should just keep it as it is, why change whats not broken?

wiiuhax is a perfect name for it.

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