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Thinking about buying a PS4

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Hello people. I'm glad to see that this site still exists. Some time ago the page went offline, and I thought it was the end of playstationhax.xyz.

Well, after a long hiatus from the console world, I'm thinking about finally buying a ps4. The goal, of course, is to hack it to take advantage of the console's full potential
- making it clear: my focus is not piracy, but homebrews and the ability to run backups - 

Is there anything I need to know about different models and firmwares?

I know, by reading the forums I could find out about the subject, but after a few years away it would mean lot of work and I am an irremediable lazy 

Ps. My english is still broken :)

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Glad to see you still around @LoboGuara 😀


The most important thing about a PS4 for homebrew is that it needs to be on firmware 5.05 or below, the PS4 Dev Wiki has a list of consoles that were released on 5.05 or below.


Regarding the forum being offline, I was going through some personal problems and decided to leave the scene and everything and it was the end of PlayStationHaX, but things got a little better, so I decided to bring it back, even if I am not that active.


Also your English is fine, it always has been.

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That's a listing on ebay you can give a shot making an offer first. Its Japan region but not sure if that matters.


I too have a USA region god of war LE ps4 CIB practically a new unit.  I have only added games to the thing but probably only played 5 hours on it since the exploit.  The LE Controller & wires never used. It's on 5.05 but I'm willing to let it go for retail USD + shipping.  Whatever works. 

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