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How to | Disable Supernag and install browseNX


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Hi all!


Welcome to another tutorial, this is quite similar to a previous one i have made which is installing SYS-Modules on your switch. This one here will go a bit more in depth on installing the switchback module to disable SuperNag, the nag which asked you to always update your switch to play games or open the internet browser.


So without further ado, lets hop straight in!




Written TUT:


What you will need:


- An exploitable Nintendo Switch running Atlas/Kosmos CFW

- A computer or device which can access your switch's SD card, and which has a text editor

- A good text editor (i HIGHLY recommend notepad++ as it works on many different platforms and it amazing... You can download it here - https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/)

- The SYS-Tweak SYSModule which can be downloaded with browserNX homebrew from their github - https://github.com/crc-32/BrowseNX/releases

- A way to enter RCM


Step 1: Make sure you meet the above requirements.

Step 2: Power down your switch and remove the SD card

Step 3: Place the SD card in the device you are using to complete this tutorial

Step 4: You will need to copy the SYS-Module into the appropriate directory, Simply copy the whole "atmosphere" folder from the zip file, and paste it into the root of your SD card, make sure you also enter the "atmosphere" folder on the zip, followed by the "titles" folder, and then copy the folder with the random numbers, should be "00FF747765616BFF" as at the time of writing this, and paste this folder into your contents folder which is located in "/atmosphere/contents/" if the folder does not exist, create it :)

 step 4.5: Once copied, open the folder with the random numbers and leters (for both contents and titles) and make sure that that there is a folder in there and a file called "exefs.nsp" if the .nsp file is names something else, make sure you rename it to "exefs.nsp"!

Step 5: Copy the name of the folder with the letters and numbers, keep this on your clip board we will need it shortly

Step 6: Go back to the root of the SD card and navigate to the following directory - /switch/kosmostoolbox/ - In here, you will see a file "Config.json" you will need to edit this. If you are using Notepad++ just right click and open with Notepad++

Step 7: Copy the last entry in the document, and paste it below to duplicate it. Then add a commer to the end of the previous entry to signify that there is another entry after that one. It will be something like the below extract


From this


            "name"  : "sys-netcheat",
            "tid"   : "430000000000000A",
            "requires_reboot": false

To this


            "name"  : "sys-netcheat",
            "tid"   : "430000000000000A",
            "requires_reboot": false

            "name"  : "sys-tweak",
            "tid"   : "00FF747765616BFF",
            "requires_reboot": true



Step 8: Change the details to match those of the module you are installing. For example:

- "name" should be how you want it to appear in the toolbox.

- "tid" is the title ID i had you copy earlier from the folder with letters and numbers which we placed in (/atmosphere/titles/) and (/atmosphere/contents/)

- If you do not know if the module required reboot, set that to true to be safe!


Step 9: Save the edited file and safely eject the SD and place it back into the switch.

Step 10: Boot into RCM and then into the atlas/Kosmos CFW

Step 11: Open the Homebrew Browser and then open "Kosmos Toolbox"

Step 12: Open "Background services" and then you should see your module there. If you cannot see your module, you may need to repeat the process again.

Step 13: Profit?


Hope it all worked out for you. If you have any issues, please drop me a comment down below! Goodluck everyone!

PS3:                                                                                                                                       Switch:

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If i helped you feel free to buy me a coffee :) just hit the tip button

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