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How to | Downgrade Your Nintendo Switch Firmware

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Hello and welcome!


Today I will be showing you all how to downgrade your Nintendo Switch Firmware on your exploitable Switch!


Please see the video below for a visual instructional TUT, or see steps i have written out below the video!



So to complete this tutorial you will need the following:


- Switch Vulnerable to the tegra exploit

- A way to enter RCM mode and launch hekate boot loader

- You will need ChoiDujourNX which you can get here - https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/

- The desired firmware to downgrade to (you will need to locate this one on your own... Google is your best friend :))


Step 1: Make sure you meet the above requirements.

Step 2: Copy the ChoiDujourNX.nro into the following directory on your Switch SD card "/switch/ChoiDujourNX.nro"

Step 3: Copy the firmware folder to the root of your usb. It should look something like this "/firmware 3.0.0"

Step 4: Safely eject SD card, and insert into Switch.

Step 5: Boot into hekate and then into your CFW.

Step 6: Open the homebrew Menu, and launch ChoiDujourNX.

Step 7: Open the folder with the firmware you copied to the SD card, in my case, it would be "firmware 3.0.0"

Step 8: Press the select button down the bottom right.

Step 9: wait for it to load, and select which version you want to use, i would suggest using (exfat) as it supports both fat32 and exfat, you can do as you wish!

Step 10: After the checks are complete, you can proceed by pressing "Select firmware" again.

Step 11: Wait for the firmware to be extracted and prepared, to the left you will see a menu, unless you are using a specific exploit where you do NOT want the switch to have auto RCM, or if your switch has been patched, i suggest keeping this selected at all times! This will prevent you from accidentally burning fuses and will just make your life easier when booting!

Step 12: Confirm the target firmware is correct, and i would not select system initialize unless again, you need to for some special reason.

Step 13: When it is all extracted, press "Start installation" and wait a few min for the process to complete.

Step 14: When step 13 is complete, you can press "Reboot" and then followed by "Reboot now" to be rebooted back to the payload "hekate"

Step 15: Boot into your cfw (i use SYSNAND, maybe you use EMUNAND? Just boot as you normally would)

Step 16: Check firmware version in settings.

Step 17: Profit?


If you have any further questions or issues, please feel free to drop me a line and i'll be more than happy to guide you a bit further!


Peace and catch you next time!



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