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How to | Backup your Switch NAND

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Hi all!


Welcome to another new TUT!


It is important to backup your Nintendo Switch Nand every now and again, or when installing risky home-brew or upgrading or downgrading firmware and such.

The reason why is because a backup of your Nand is like taking a snapshot of your switch's state, so if you brick it in the future, or happen to cop supernag (i have a tutorial on getting rid of this on the way by the way!) you can easily restore an old backup and be on your way!


There is no hardware required apart from an SD card which is more than 32GB, so i recommend a 64GB sd card!


If you are interested in learning how to do this, there is a video below for visual explanation and written TUT below that!



Written TUT:



- 64GB SD card or larger

- Switch which can run the tegra exploit and running a CFW (atlas kosmos is recommended as it is made by the same people who make the hekate payload)

- A way to push the hekate payload to your switch


Step 1: You must ensure you meet the requirements above

Step 2: Reboot your switch into the RCM mode

Step 3: Push the Hekate Payload

Step 4a: If you have kosmos/atlas installed, you can navigate to tools and then backup using the touch screen

Step 4b: If you do not have kosmos/atlas installed you will have to use the volume and power buttons to navigate to tools and then backup

Step 5: Backup eMMC Boot0 and Boot1 

Step 6: Backup eMMC RAW GPP

Step 7: When this is complete, you can turn off the switch and eject your SD card.

Step 8: Plug the SD card into the PC and you will notice a "Backup" folder on the root

Step 9: Place this somewhere safe on your PC

Step 10: Profit?


That's it folks! Hope you all have fun and safe modding :)


Let me know if you have any questions and i will be more than happy to help!

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If i helped you feel free to buy me a coffee :) just hit the tip button

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