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How to | FTP to your Switch with CFW with FTPD

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Hi guys!


I'm going to keep this tutorial short and sweet. please see the quick video i have below, for a visual tutorial, and the write up below that if you are unable to watch videos where you are at the time of reading this.



Written TUT:


Ok so trust me when i say this is going to be a walk in the park.

All you need is the following:


Nintendo Switch with CFW

An SD Card in your switch (you will have this if you are on CFW....)

An FTP client - i use Filezilla - https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client

The FTPD NRO file - https://github.com/mtheall/ftpd


If you have Hekate and the latest version Kosmos Atlas installed, you can use sysFTPD which i show how to do in the video, and i will explain below, its so easy :)


Step 1: Download the required files above and install filezilla if you have not yet.

Step 2: Turn off Nintendo Switch and remove SD Card to insert into PC once switch has powered down.

Step 3: Copy the FTPD.nro file you downloaded from the site, onto your sd card in the "Switch: Directory.

Step 4: Safely eject SD card and place it back into the switch.

Step 5: Boot into your CFW.

Step 6: Open your homebrew menu, most do this by clicking on the album icon and you may or may not need to hold R while doing this.

Step 7: Open the FTPD file and you will see your switch's IP listed above, if you do not see an IP address, you may need to connect your switch to your WIFI. (if you are connecting to wifi, i recommend using the 90DNS DNS's to block connections to official Nintendo servers which can cause you dramas :) )

Step 7b: If you need more info regarding 90DNS follow this link - https://gitlab.com/a/90dns


The following is an extract regarding how to set up 90DNS, just skip if you don't want to use it or already have it set up


  • Optional, but recommended: Do tests on your PC first to see if your ISP hijacks DNS (I've seen multiple reports of this so far)
  • Go to System Settings on main menu
  • Go to Internet tab
  • Open Internet Settings
  • Open Manual Setup and set up your network name, SSID and Security
  • Set DNS Settings to manual, and set DNS options to either the IPs provided above (set both primary and secondary) or your own server's IP (see below for setup instructions)
  • Save and then connect to wifi

If you did everything correctly, you should be on 90DNS.

Testing DNS connectivity

You can test if you're connected to DNS on your PC and on your switch (though it's much safer on a PC, from a ban standpoint). If the tests fail, then you probably need to set up a DNS server yourself, see the self-host guide.


Step 8: Open filezilla on your PC/Mac or whatever you are using, and enter the switch IP as the host address, leave user and pass blank, port is 5000, click enter and you should see the contents of your SD card listed!

Step 9: Profit? Alternate method below if you would rather use inbuilt function with kosmos/atlas


Step 1: Power on Nintendo switch running Kosmos/Atlas CFW

Step 2: Open homebrew launcher and then open Kosmos Toolbox

Step 3: Press on "Background services" and then Enable "sys-FTPD" or "sys-ftpd-light"

Step 4: if you know your switch's IP, you can connect by opening Filezilla and entering the IP into hostname, and port as 5000

Step 4b: if you need to find your switch's IP, you can do this in the internet settings in your switch, it will need to be connected to the WIFI, follow my instructions above for setting up 90DNS if you have not connected yours to the WIFI.

Step 5: Profit?


I hope you all enjoyed this quick write up and i hope this worked for everyone.


Let me know if you need any help, and i will be more than happy to assist y'all further!


Peace out and see you all next time!

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