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[Released] Lib-PSP iplloader Bootstraper for DTP-T1000

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  • GregoryRasputin

Almost two years ago veteran scene developer @Mathieulh released DTP-T1000 Pre IPL Dumper and today he follows up that release with Lib-PSP iplloader Bootstraper for DTP-T1000, here is a quote from the source:




This tool allows you to bootstrap a DECRYPTED Lib-PSP iplloader (aka pre-ipl)

How it works:

It will decrypt/load and jump to an IPL block that itself stores 0xbfe01100 to a register and jumps to it

0xbfe01100 contains instructions that will copy 0x1000 from 0xbfe02000 to 0xbfc00000 and jump there

0xbfe02000 contains the decrypted pre-ipl code

More information on Lib-PSP iplloader








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