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Forum Is Back Online

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Everybody REJOICE.

Thanks to all of those of you who thought about me in my absence, I won't be active like I was before, but I will squeeze stuff in on the days I am free and hopefully I will be able to bring back PlayStationHaX Podcast.


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Very nice to see PlaystationHax back, I've missed it.

I was always a more sporadicall member, pitching in on rare occasions.

Just like Greg I've little time to spare but we'll definitely be checking out what's been discussed here.

Good to have a haven of solid and reliable information, specially in this pathetic scene we have nowadays (epeens and scared little brats).

I miss the good old glory of PS3 3.55 days.

Cheers everyone.

Ferrarius Verbero Aestus Ferratilis

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