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[Update] [Released] PS4 Player v1.0 By @Lapy05575948

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Developer Lapy has released a Media Player for the PS4, it plays .mp4 and .mkv .mov files



Sadly none of the files i tried actually worked, which is forgivable as this is a very early beta.



The .avi didn't show up, which was expected as this file is not supported.

The .mkv didn't show up, this was not expected as this file is supported.

The .mp4 showed up minus the Russian text, however when it was selected to play it froze the application.


I will give other files a try in a while, in the meantime you can grab the download here:



It seems that i am an idiot  and misread .mov as .mkv, which goes to explain why .mkv won't work, it isn't supported 😕

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