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[Released] Cheat Device PS2 v1.5

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root670 released an update for CheatDevicePS2 which is a Game Enhancer quite similar to the Action Replay cheat devices for the PS2, here is a list of the changes:




Bug fixes

  •     Fix hang when attempting to open TXT cheat database that doesn't exist.
  •     Fix grey bar at bottom of the screen on PAL displays.
  •     Fix several TXT cheat database parsing bugs (15-character long game titles with a space at index 8 being parsed as a cheat title, last code line in cheat file being parsed as a cheat title if it wasn't followed by a newline, etc.).
  •     Fix incorrect replacement of L2 with {L1} in many places in the bundled cheat database.


Miscellaneous Improvements

  •     Use updated usbd.irx, usbhdfs.irx, and iomanX.irx drivers from PS2SDK. This should improve device compatibility and reliability.
  •     Use non-interactive shell when using docker-make.sh.
  •     Travis-CI integration to verify successful compilation.
  •     Refactor game save code into src/saveformats.
  •     Many code formatting improvements/cleanups.
  •     Tidy up several UI elements with improvements to alignment and overall consistency.
  •     Refactor much of the rendering code.
  •     Ignore case when checking file extensions.
  •     Verify CBS files before adding to save list.
  •     Add .editorconfig


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