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A PlayStation Scene Interview With @m0rph3us1987 By @RetroGamer_74

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I have always enjoyed interviews with scene developers, i held a couple of interviews myself back when i wrote for PS3HaX.

Last night RetroGamer74 held an interview with PS4 scene developer @m0rph3us1987, what made this stand out from the others, is the fact that it was a video interview instead of the usually text based interview.



Many things were discussed such as the future of PS4 exploits, here is a transcript of the questions:

1. Hi m0rph3us, and thanks for joining us today in our live stream. How are you bro?

2. We followed you live in this channel in the 35C3 conference ( youtube.com/watch?v=_a4wZl… ). You talked us about the big effort you did in the beginning of the scene. What’s m0rph3us doing today? Keep working in PS4, other scene, other hardware?

3. Unity with ROOT escalation privileges, liborbis with ORBISLINK for debugging, OpenGL support… what happens in the PS4 Scene?. Is “boring” the right word for home-brew developers?

4. Some weeks ago, using the fail0verflow info related to Aeloia southbridge appears into the scene several tools, one of them to allow to flash the PS4 firmware. From your technical point of view, the current PS4 hack, was the easiest to find, or we got the best we could

5. We were surprised some weeks ago when SpecterDev released the Webkit Exploit for 6.20. Do you think is there still interest to keep on working for PS4?

6. I got too much respect for people doing reverse engineering because I’m pretty aware it is very hard. How did you start?

7. PS4 Homebrew practically does not exist. Are you disappointed to see the current status of PS4 scene?

8. Is PS4’s hack just for piracy?

9. Keeping the hack in private means fear of sony?

10. We are too close to the PS4’s end of life. What do you expect for the end? Any final surprise?

11. PS3 had a very good scene. The Flow in PSVita is currently releasing hacks for the latest firmware releases. Nintendo Scenes were always very prolific. What happened in PS4? Where was the fault?

12. PS5 is incoming. Do you expect something better than PS4?


The Interview:


You can also watch the interview here on Twitch:




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