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PS Vita 3.70 Jailbreak ETA WEN Is Six To Eight Weeks

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PS Vita hacker/modder/Reverse Engineer TheFlow has released information on the upcoming Jailbreak/hack for PS Vita's on firmware 3.70, below i will detail what you need to do, make sure you do these things or you will lose out on having a Jailbreak on the latest firmware as this will get patched.




TheFlow will release this exploit in six to eight weeks, if he released it now it would be patched on Monday and a lot of people would lose out on this, this two month time frame should give you plenty of chances to do the following:

  1. If you are on 3.69, either update or use the proxy method.
  2. Access the PS Store on your Vita.
  3. Download a PSP or Mini game, demo's will work, if one does not exist in your region you will have to buy one, though most of you should already have a PSP game.
  4. Make sure the game works.
  5. Install QCMA and backup the game.
  6. Wait six to eight weeks for the release.

For full info check TheFlow's information article here:






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