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Sony Renews Patent On Tradeable amiibo Type Devices

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This old patent from Sony which was originally filed back in 2015 and published in 2016 was renewed on the 26th of March 2019, now there seems to be a bit of confusion over what this patent is, with some websites claiming that it is for trading digital games, which is not the case.




This patent is for a device like an amiibo which you can scan into a game, then if you wish you can trade the digital copy of that "amiibo", here is a description of the patent:


The present disclosure describes tradable physical collectible objects that have a corresponding digital copy that can be used in one or more network games associated with various gaming networks. The digital copy can be customized by the user in a variety of different ways associated with associated network games. The collectability of the tradable physical collectible object and corresponding digital copy as well as implemented customization by the user provides a value associated with the object and/or digital copy. This value can later be used by the user to sell or trade the object and/or digital copy to other users via existing services provided by, for example, the manufacturer of the tradable physical collectible object or network game.





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