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[Released] PS4-Xplorer BETA 1.09 By @Lapy05575948

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The last time i posted about PS4 Xplorer it was on version 1.05, that was just a little over a week ago and today we see the release of version 1.09.



This version add's .json support which was suggested by @TOXXIC407 as well as a lot more language translations, full change log:

  • supported .json files (@TOXXIC_407 idea)


  • Persian by @SCORPION1399
  • Russian by @nikita_krapivin
  • Turkish by KemalSanli
  • Polish by Bandzior
  • Swedish by ?
  • Catalan by @pplatoonn
  • Danish by @Robhood19_
  • Greek by ?
  • Indonesian by @Dhadan_Mirdan




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