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  • GregoryRasputin

Multi console developer @Rinnegatamante  has updated his Quake port for the PS Vita, which has added such features as 2x and 4x Multisample anti-aliasing(MSAA), here is a full list of the changes:


Full changelog:

  • Fixed GIT versioning not being displayed.
  • Implemented MSAA 2x and MSAA 4x support (Required homebrew reboot for changes to apply).
  • Added uma0:/ partition support for Data Files.
  • Fixed a bug causing some sliders in Options menu to be incorrectly set at boot.
  • Fixed a bug causing graphical glitches if viewsize was < 100.
  • Fixed several issues related to some CVAR values.
  • Fixed a bug causing fog not being rendered at boot if gl_fog (Fog option) was enabled.






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