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[Released] Windows Explorer Beta By @Lapy05575948

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Lapy the developer of Save The Scene and El Pollo games has released a homebrew application and despite its strange name, it is actually a PS4 Homebrew.


Windows Explorer is a file manager for the PS4, it lets you do a whole bunch of file management with actions such as the ability to copy, paste and delete files, you can also listen your favourite music directly from the application whilst you are browsing your files and you can also use it as an image viewer, here is a quote from the developer:



It allows the basic operations of a file explorer (cut, copy, paste, rename and delete files and complete folders) with a simple interface, easy to use and with full administrator privileges (root).

To access the units connected by USB, navigate to: /mnt/usb0 and /mnt/ubs1

It allows to visualize images (png, jpg) and to read the content of flat texts (txt, ini, bat).

It allows to play audio (wav, ogg) in the background, so we can reproduce them and continue using the other functions of the browser.

It is translated into Spanish and English. Spanish for those who have the console in Spanish, and in English for all other configurations.



As stated in the title, this homebrew is a Beta and as such has some problems, such as video having no sound which is noted by the developer, however through testing i found some problems myself and i will list them below to help the developer improve the application:

  • Movement is fast - I am not sure if this is a bug or something set to personal preference, but i found going through the files and such were quite fast as well as navigating the menu that contains the copy/paste functions being fast.
  • Large Image Files - I am not sure if this is a bug or something to do with memory limitations, but trying to view large image files is a slow process, after selecting the image it takes a few seconds to show, also viewing some large images causes the app to crash, this only happened to one of the image files though.
  • Weird Copy/Paste Bug - The first time i tried copying a file and pasting it on my Thumb Drive, the application showed an error, then crashed/froze.

Everything i have spoken about can be viewed in the video below:





Keep in mind that this version is a beta and problems will occur, to report any problem alert the developer here:




Finally before clicking the link to download below, please be aware:






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