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Sony wants 16.800$ from seller jailbroken PS4 devices with illegal backups.

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In October last year TorrentFreak found out that Sony was pursueing a jailbroken PlayStation 4 seller (with preinstalled illegal backups) in the United States, who also owned a website informing *uhum* people to never buy games again... Now the same source reports that the company demands a compensation of 16.800 Dollars or about 14.765 Euro, because the seller did not respond to the original complaint. The Japanese company therefor asks the judge to issue a default judgment for violating DMCA.




Included in that sum (if that's how you can call that) is the sale of two exploitable consoles for 1600$ or 800$ each and 200$ per illegally installed game. They also want 3458$ for the legal costs.


The use of illegal game backups is limited to games released with max. firmware 5.05. A firmware version that was released more than a year ago, which luckily means that recent games are not vulnerable until a new Exploit Chain is released for a higher firmware.


There are also quite a lot of advantages on having an up-to-date console, think of Free 2 Play games, being in parties with friends and the abillity to play every game ever released for the console. My motto is, and will always be: Do not Pirate, Support Developers! And if you don't want to update your exploitable console it might be a good time to look for a cheap used / updated PlayStation 4.


But what if you can't afford an extra console? On ConsoleHax.com/guides/ you have a section with a number of possibilities. And there's even more, because in recent days homebrew (games) are making their way to the PlayStation 4.


Source: TorrentFreak

VIA: ConsoleHax.com


(Thanks Lars for the tip).

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12 hours ago, tangotnt said:

why sell jb services WITH  new games online?



Because people are stupid and think they can charge more money by adding stolen games they didnt pay for.

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